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BPD family is angry about something they won't talk about and lashing out. How can I get them through it?

We have tried to ask about what is bothering them and given them space and they are just getting more withdrawn and defensive. How can I help them come to terms with the actual issue or even realize that there is an underlying issue? #Y  #BPD #PTSD #seekinghelp

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Help with socially anxious friend. #Anxiety #social #akward

A good friend of mine suffers from bad social anxiety. Every time I ask her to hang out, she gets super awkward and ignores me for a while out of embarrassment for the way she responded. I’ve always just given her time to come around and start talking again, but I feel like I need to address this with her since this has become a pattern and I feel horrible about how bad she feels about herself. What is a guy to do to help get her through these awkward phases? #Anxiety #Depression #Awkward #seekinghelp

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Means of Escape

I’ve been indulging in my hobby of drawing in the last few weeks which has put me in a happy place for the time being. Things seem to change everyday almost. I’m tired a lot most times, but I know I have to keep moving. No one really knows that I struggle with my mental health and I have been recently thinking about disclosing that to a few people that are close to me, but I wouldn’t really know how to bring that up. Life at home is beginning to feel lonely. I try to be supportive of my family and my mom has mental health issues herself. I often negate the fact that I too have issues because I’ve always felt that I had to help someone else. I can’t deny that I need help, and I find that a lot of times I’ll seek it outside of the family. With all honesty, the smiles and laughter in public melts into numbing loneliness when I’m alone. There have been periods where I’ve cried myself to sleep. I deal with my problems the best way I can, but I often want to forget where I am and who I am for a while. #MentalHealth #Depression #Loneliness #familyissues #issues #seekinghelp #tiredness #keepmovingforward


Toxic Relationships and Moving On

I am borderline personality diagnosed comorbid with depression and anxiety.
For three years now I have been in denial that my relationship is unhealthy and very much toxic, anot just for myself but my significant other, as well as our children.
I begged him to start therapy to get over my infidelity that occured 3 years prior to the birth of our first daughter two years ago.
Things have only gotten worse between us; we have had fist fights, we are constantly fighting or bickering to the point that I'm in tears daily.
Our kids have watched all of it including me attacking him with a bedroom lamp.
He is controlling and monitors everything in my phone and has gone as far as to hide cameras around our house.
He accuses me of still cheating, throws my past drug addiction in my face and makes me relive embarassing and mortifying life experiences like the night three men used my addiction against me and took advantage of me sexually while I was not coherent enough to realize what was happening until after.
He has also threatened to use my mental health diagnosis and past indiscretions against me in court if I was to try leaving with my kids.

Thank you if your still reading this long ass post....

The thing is that I have started creating an escape plan but I'm so conflicted inside. I want to stay but I really dont.
How did you, if you have, finally get the strength and courage to leave? What helped you face the fear of being alone? How did you break the news to your significant other that you were leaving. Was your mental health used against you? what was the outcome of the court hearing for custody?
#breakup #Relationships #movingon #Love #heartbreak #Abuse #DomesticAbuse #familylaw #Toxic #chronicstress #whatdoido
#Adviceplease #Advice #seekinghelp #toxiclove #

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Emotional pain and seeking help

“There is nothing wrong with knowing when you need help from someone, if anything it takes strength to realize when you can do things alone💕💜☺️💛and when you need a little help” it’s easier the more you do it, open up don’t bottle it up! #openup #seekinghelp #Therapy #Counseling #strength #Awareness #Depression #Anxiety #OCD #BipolarDiorder #Journaling #Crisisline

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Uh A LOT of #random pieces of my ashamed & weird mind

First, I am going to use this site as a diary, I believe. So please, by no means should anyone feel forced to read my crap. I am scared to post, but there we are; my disclaimer. You've been warned! :)

Tonight I #Write trying to get back in touch with #whoiam after an extremely #Manipulative #Controlling degrading #AbusiveRelationship . More than 1 person warns me this could be dangerous I am battling both the fear that it will be dangerous but as twisted as it seems I think I may actually be more selfishly afraid that I'll be #Forgotten #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder 

I have been losing people all of my life and not one person has stayed even if they came back everyone has had to take a break. A few years ago I went to 7 different psychiatrists and specialists looking for help and LITERALLY everyone of them told me the same answer more or less but their is one answer to my #seekinghelp that will forever be embedded in my mind, word for word.
"You are too #Traumatized to help , " he said. That cut me so deep I still feel scared today that he was right. But I'm here. Trying to prove wrong this theory quiet a few doctors seem to think of when it comes to me.

I've been seeing a psychiatrist since I was 6 years old so most of my life none of them gave me hope just #pills that didn't do anything for it wasn't a chemical imbalance instead it was just about everything else out of balance and wrong in life causing my behaviors. But everyone was too busy #fighting or whatever else the case may be to ever realize just how badly all the #Rejection  #abandonment #SexualAssault
#violence"> #FosterCare #Adoption SUCKS ... 
At 4 I was #Cutting something I do not support in others but also do not judge in others for your life matters far more than mine I assure you... No one noticed. I've been #invisible since I can recall. 

And while the #Relationshipproblems I had recently are going away as I attempt to hide from him and ignore how it hurts I still feel that stupid #Child within me terrified I am gonna vanish because no one will ever love me again and 'bad' love surely is better than no #Love - this is #panic talking, I think... 
Oh I don't know.
recently moved into a new house with my #grandma for #Caregiving and at first because I wanted to. But she has grown ... very different over the past year all her other children abandon her and while she just recently said she thinks she made a #mistake in letting me stay around instead of having to be further shoved from person to person, institution to institution, despite her doubt in that, I do love her and am glad she did even if life has been one massive hell hole with nothing but shadows filled with violence, anger, terror, horrible things done to a child, rather I say, the innocence stolen, full of every day questions about the next rejection or abandonment or if worry; worry that if I fell asleep she would be dead in the morning because I hadn't been able to save her.

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Looking for support in Ontario

Is anybody aware of any sort of program, or funding, or SOMETHING, that is free for mental health patients to speak with somebody about their mental illness? Something like counselling or therapy?
I am located in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 #Canada #Ontario #MentalHealth #seekinghelp #CanadianHealthCare #CyclothymicDisorder


#depressed #seekinghelp

I have depression and I want help but without insurance professional help seems out of reach. The places I've called want big money up front and it doesnt seem right or financially feasible.
#MentalHealth #depressio