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When will this end?

I have #n .E.A.D,#Fibromyalgia #chronic PAIN,P.T.S.D,#BackPain , I'M A MUM TO A #Autistic #PDA #SPD BOY.

Life is a daily struggle flooded with #Fatigue #Pain and constant #battles I'm so #Drained #mentally #exhausted and no #fight left in me, how am i meant to get through another #Challenging #year 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

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Many Goals, 1 YearWord to Guide #Bipolar #Fibro #CFS

I'm feeling creative! And very tired, with fiery pain. I'm finally out of the Cave of Lost Children, that painful place where my unconscious mind takes over my self-trsnsformation, eager to make significant physical changes in my life.

I'm launching my coaching biz, moving my trailer, co-creating an intentional women's land community, and getting some expert care in the medical paradigm re aging & sun damage. And diving deep into my psyche via art/ journaling.

Whew! Time for a few deep breaths! Probably bazillions of deep breaths in 2019!

Recently, after leading other we'moon to discover their 2019 YearWords, wondering what mine will be, and if I could find the time to use my process for myself.... Woke at dawn hearing "Shanti, shanti ,shanti" echoing in my head.

Yes! SHANTI, PEACE, is my true goal this year. For my BPD challenge, Shanti needs Balance, & Focus. CFS/FM needs me to listen to my body'sneed to rest, eat wholesome food whenever hunger begins its call. My community needs me to take really good care of myself, physically & emotionally. I need to be of service to others to be at peace in my heart.

Shanti, shanti, shanti to all of you, for a wonder-full new year!

#52SmallThings #peace #year word #Life coach