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Sometimes you just need to #attack . However, that word sounds as if the consequence will be a negative. This isn't the case all of the time. Sometimes you need to step into "it". Move forward, regardless of what others may or may not say. My mom would say often..."just let him do his own thing". This some of the best advice I've ever got. It does pay, however, to get other opinions along the way. Use it. But remember it is you who is taking the step(s).


#Again #

My fibromyalgia , having a Fiber flar. #attack , And my depression is bad very bad I feel that my soul is empty and I don't feel anything but pain #. The weather has changed here, it's been raining and temperature has changed. I fell like I don't belong anywhere. #Now that my kids are grown. I know I have said this before, but the thought of them not needing me any more. #I here stories about parents who can't wait for there kids to leave, I am not like that. #I was told that I could never have children,. #So when I became pregnant I new I was being blessed.And I tried to not make the mistakes my mom maid. I had a crappie childhood. #My dad was a alcohol


Anyone who will help?

please, anybody here, help me fix my anxiety attack right now, I can't control it by my own.
#Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #attack

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I've been working on it.

I just had a panic attack but I'm better. idk what changed it was just one day I started trusting God to help me and myself to calm me down. My anxiety has been...more controlled I guess you could say. I haven't self-harmed in days...the bruises are healing and I'm truly feeling better. #Anxiety #Disorder #Depression #panic #attack #Selfharm #recovering #beenbetter


#ashamed , embarrassed & #sad

So I have had #Asthma since I was 4 years old. As age progressed, my meds & care went from hourly and daily until virtually none in junior high. I take precautions & avoid what can cause an attack. I still have an attack once a year or every other year.

Fast forward to now with an employer I’ve had since January. The owner and manager of the small business seem to think I can schedule when I have health issues. Friday, I had my first #Asthma #attack in 2 years. I rushed to the ER before I passed out, and was told I had #Bronchitis that’s why my inhaler didn’t fully work for the attack.
I called in sick yesterday, because I had another attack. Both owner and manager asked, Why didn’t I tell them Saturday I wasn’t going to work yesterday? 😐 They’ve had bad luck w/employees in my position since the business started, so they think I’m being lazy or making an excuse. I work my butt off there and I’m happy to work there. This was my first job after 8 months of being a hermit. This job was my baby step back into the work #World .
However, I feel ashamed for being sick w/something I sometimes cannot control. I’m embarrassed, because both of them don’t believe me. Sad, because they think I would lie to them about something so serious.
I turned in my 2 weeks notice via email, because I’ve been crying off and on since yesterday afternoon (when they scolded me) I’m still #anxiously #Worried now and I feel so #betrayed .

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