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So frustrated with myself, and I lost a lot of sleep. #anyadvice #Insomnia

So I forgot to put in my two weeks notice last week and I might of screwed up. I’m moving to another area of my town and there is no way I could get to work in long distance. I don’t have a car which makes things more complicated. Instead of quitting I decided to text my manager on Thursday to ask how to apply for a transfer to another store instead. (I couldn’t talk to her in person because she works during the day and I work at night.) However she still hasn’t responded at all(it’s been 3 days). Then that’s when I realized I should of asked her last week. I was so caught up in trying to do other things that I forgot. During the day I’ve been busy, since my relatives and I are moving. And I’m getting more tempted write a letter of my notice because feel like I have no choice, cause I might be leaving earlier than I thought. But I’m worried this will make things worse. I don’t want to leave the company on a bad note but I might need to if there is no other option. I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m so stressed out and I’m not sure what to do. Any advice? #Stress #anxiousthoughts #badsleep #Insomnia


vivid dreams

Does anyone have such vivid dreams that you remember the dreams more than you do every day life?
When you are awake do you constantly think about the dreams or nightmares questioning the meanings behind them and why they are so intense?
#dreams #Vividdreams #Sleep #Nightmares #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #badsleep