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Individualism is everywhere, which in and of itself isn't a bad thing. However, it has been corrupted to a trend-like phenomenon. Being different has become something you actively do, not already are. I would go as far as to say that how unique you are is a new way of defining your worth as a person. If you are "not like other girls", you are special and thus, more desirable as a partner or as a friend or generally more popular.

This makes uniqueness a competition: Who is the most different to everybody else? (Note that being too different is not trendy; be a special snowflake, not a weirdo.) If you spend a lot of time on social media platforms, you may have noticed that this is a common way of thinking, although it might be phrased a bit tamer. Still, the idea of being your own person has been corrupted into something far darker: the need to belong by not belonging.

But there's nothing wrong with being average - if you were average, that is. Disclaimer: You're not, even without trying. The chances you're average in every single way are nearing zero.

Average means perfect – you don't have to be either

The average person is what society is build for. Take average height doors for example: 2.30m people cannot fit.

This is not a critique (for once), because although it's not a good solution at all, there's not really a better one, either. You need to model society to some degree and modelling it to best fit the average person is still the best idea. That's because although nobody is perfectly average, many people are fairly close.

I agree that if you could be average, could become perfect, it'd be amazing. But you can't. You could become average, but you could never truly be something you just... aren't.

This entry isn't supposed to be about self-acceptance, but it seems like this is where it leads me. There's a difference between wanting to improve oneself and wanting to be someone else.

You can (and should) improve yourself without disregarding or trying to change who you truly are as a person.

For a long time, I thought the phrase "You're perfect the way you are" was wrong. I now see it in a different light. You're not perfect in the way that you're flawless; you're perfect in the way that you cannot be another person, and this is your true, ideal form. You're broken in the best kind of way, so to speak.

Don't try and corrupt or change yourself to please others. You don't have to be a special snowflake, a bad girl or guy and you don't have to dress or talk or look or behave in ways you don't want to. You don't have to conceal flaws or insecurities to fit in.

We need more genuine people, more truth, more pain, more sorrow, more unrestricted joy, more dancing, more laughing, especially online. Don't pretend to be happy, sad, depressed or modest when you're not.

The whole range of emotions you already have makes you good enough. They're valid. Your feelings always are, you can't control them, after all. They make you who you are.

#self #selfImprovement #better #perfect #perfectionism #Basic #average #valid

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Give yourself a #boost !

Sometimes a little #coffee cheers me up and makes me feel #better when I am feeling blah. Everything happens for a reason, and there is always a season for things to happen. It is funny how life can be.

Today I wish you the best of love and happiness. Sip some #coffee and share some #Friendship with one another.

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Some difficult days recently

# aging
#better treatment

I don t post on here much, but the oast few days have been difficult for me to get thru. I
can t say exactly why. But I suppose it is a number of things combined. I am 59, gay man. My partner and I have been together 16 yrs and We are married. I have delt with depression for many yrs. I am taking meds and seeing a psychologist that helps me alot. He is one of a handful of people that really know how bad I feel.
I work FT and recently got a promotion. Sometimes it takes every ounce of my strength to get thru the day. That is how I ha e felt the past couple of days. I wish I could just will myself to dissolve and dissappear. But I can t do that to my famiy or husband. My marriage is ok, no fights, no arguments but no affection either. It has been that way for several years.
I always feel a sadness deep within, even when I laugh or am enjoying myself. Does anyone else experience this? It seems to be worsening as I get older. My Dr is reluctant to try any new medications.
Has anyone tried the newer therapies available?
The recent anti-lgbt campaign does not help, when you know politicians don t care about the lain they cause and they are so ignorant. It is hard go let thay role off my back. I have to exist in this world and face my co-workers and family. It is very difficult. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for the platform.🥰

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Wonders of a weighted blanket as a body pillow!

I’ve tried body pillows in the past to help sooth when it’s a rough night but they never helped much. What I discovered does help is my extra weighted blanket! Fold or roll it to a body pillow shape and wrestle it into a position of a person, back support, or something substantial you can hold through the night that won’t slide away. I have one rolled up on my bed all the time now, it really helps comfort me. #self soothing #better sleep #weighted blanket #body pillow

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Strength Through Ink #Ink #Tattoo #BipolarDisorder #strength #better #ItGetsBetter

Yo! It was about time for another tattoo, so I went and got it done the other day! I am SO happy with how it turned out 🤩🎭

I mainly wanted to have it represent my struggles with bipolar disorder and I think it shows that PERFECTLY! Also, the line "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" was taken from one of my favorite bands (The Smiths) and their song titled "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" 🎵

Truth be told, I am /not/ miserable at the moment and am actually feeling pretty damn good, but I have clearly fought tooth and nail through a lot of terrible ugliness in my life, and so I want this tattoo to also be a reminder of where I have come from and how things can go from bad to good (or vice versa) in the blink of an eye 👁 You just never know! I have been on a good streak for a while now and am hoping it stays that way🤞


#broadcaaster 4 30 years in #Radio . 60 years, divorced, disabled, but #madskills in people work. I live in poverty & need to BE #better & #Work


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Have A Better Day #better # fibro#Laugh #today #live

I woke up in terrible pain this morning. But its ok. I am breathing and alive. Yay!!! 🙌

I read this and had to post.

A lady came in this morning and walked to the front desk to greet us before gasping loudly, " I forgot my dog!!" She forgot to bring her dog to the VET.

I here you. If my ass wasnt attached to me i would forget to take it with me to the bathroom. Lol.

Have a better day. Laugh a bit, its wonderful.