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Physical symptoms

I am interested to hear what physical symptoms you experience with your bipolar 2. Is there something that you feel that signals you that you are manic or in a mixed episode? I think I have depression down pat. However, the other phases are harder for me recognize until well after. Just curious!

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The Bipolar Paradox #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth

At present there’s no cure for Bipolar Disorder, only remedies to control the severity of the highs and lows. So, is this the way it is or is there a cure out there that we are yet to find? They say nothing is eternal but at moment it seems Bipolar is. Are the cycles it presents itself in a depiction of itself? Is it a constant, revolving phenomenon that is cycling around again and again, never stopping or starting but continuing? With its repetitive originality that makes it different every time it rears its head, it renders you to be branded insane as you try to battle it or understand it.

What is your opinion on your own Bipolar? What is Bipolar to you?

#BipolarDepression #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder

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Dealing with two conditions - and chronic pain

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder at 57

I'm 57 years old, and I face the challenges of Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder (Type 2). It all started when I was 20, during my final year of engineering. I used to get chronic headaches every day, especially during stressful times like exams.

The doctor in India labeled it as tension headaches and gave me Haloperidol for a month, which helped. However, soon after, I began experiencing intense morning anxiety attacks that lasted for hours. It got so bad that I had to skip a job interview due to a massive anxiety attack during a train journey.

Feeling overwhelmed, I even considered ending my life but sought comfort from my dad. Eventually, I stumbled upon a book about mental health and realized I might be dealing with major depression or manic-depressive illness. A visit to a psychiatrist resulted in a prescription for Imipramine and Diazepam, the latter providing much-needed relief and helping me regain control.

Despite side effects, I joined a Master's program and, with medication, achieved stability. However, stopping the meds led to a rebound of anxiety, causing me to leave college for a job. A stable routine, yoga, and a supportive work environment provided temporary relief, but I refrained from seeing a psychiatrist due to various reasons.

Life took a positive turn when I got into a prestigious management institute. However, in 2000, chronic low back pain emerged during my time in the UK. Relocating to the USA didn't resolve the pain, but managing it through John Sarno's approach helped.

At 38, extreme morning anxiety attacks returned, marking the beginning of a challenging journey with two conditions: Chronic Pain and Bipolar Type 2 with mixed features. Despite a supportive family, I had to stop working at 55 due to chronic pain making it impossible to hold a sedentary job.

Managing each day is tough, especially during flare-ups and mixed episodes. Grateful for my supportive family and available medical options, I acknowledge the ongoing challenge of balancing both conditions.

Exercise helps with depression, but it worsens pain and anxiety during flare-ups. Daily routines are beneficial, but sticking to them becomes challenging during difficult times. Aging exacerbates chronic pain, adding stress to Bipolar Type 2.

Things that have helped me, even if just a little, alongside medications:

Daily routine

Planning tasks that bring joy

Support groups for Chronic Pain and Depression

Mindfulness meditation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Surgery for specific pain issues

Daily walks, considering limitations

Regular breaks from sitting

Reading philosophy books for mental strength

Talking to close friends for distraction

Planning enjoyable activities with my wife

Exploring nearby places with my wife as much as possible.

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Questions? I have intellectual disability and physical disability plus bipolar type 2. I just feel really confused and hurt.

Am I in the wrong?
Should I not have said anything?
Can I do anything to keep things like this from happening?
Did I do something wrong? Am I just talking and he thinks it's flirting?
I have other male friends who have atusim but they don't make me feel unsafe or uncomfortable-Is it just because I dated him?

Back in 2011 I started a college program for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. I learned a lot from the program and gained more self-confidence. I graduated in 2015.

In 2012 I dated one of my friends who has atusim and the relationship did not go well, so I broke up with him..
Ever since that day he has dated other females but has said and done things to me that made me uncomfortable and feel unsafe, and I just feel like i couldn't be his friend anymore because he would say sorry but then go back to what he was doing, then would use his atusim as an excuse.

I have cognitive/ learning disabilities, a physical disability, also bipolar type 2 and have never once used them as excuses.

So go forward to last night were I just told him look you a nice guy but time and time again I have told you about your behavior towards me that makes me uncomfortable and feel unsafe, yet I haven't seen a change in you, when you told me that you would not make me uncomfortable and feel unsafe again.
When I take someone at their word and they haven't changed their behavior I have had to walk away.

All i did was explain myself and he blocked me on everything.

I'm just sad.


Struggling at night

Anyone else have intense anxiety at night? It gets very tiresome. Feeling randomly unsafe, nauseous, then there are the earworms that are annoying at best. I was recently informed I was misdiagnosed as bipolar 2, when in fact I have a quieter form of borderline PD. I do see the BPD traits in the lack of clear sense of self and sometimes paranoia with people (non bizarre), and feeling angry/upset when certain feelings/things are not validated. Still trying to make sense of my mental health and it's exhausting, nevermind the sleep impairment. 😫

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