Bordeline Personality Disorder

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Friendship & BPD #Bordeline Personality Disorder #friendships #Advice

I struggle with friendships -- I always have. Right now my "bestfriend" told me she can't deal with me right now after I reached out to her about something that was bothering me that she said / did. I feel like she abandoned me.. I also can't help but blame myself for even saying something to her in the first place. We haven't talked in a week since she told me she couldn't deal with me :/ I feel things I# haven't felt in a long time.

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Thoughts on Venlafaxine?

I was recently prescribed Venlafaxine for depression. Took my first one last night. I immediately felt a burning sensation in my forehead (brain) followed by extreme tiredness. Ended up sleeping all day today, feeling lethargic, and generally just crappy. Has anyone else tried this drug? This can’t be normal. I’ve felt awful all day long. Wish I hadn’t taken it in the first place. I was happy last night before doing so. #Depression #Bipolar2 #PTSD #Bordeline Personality Disorder #Anxiety


For the first time, I believe in love again

It’s been 2 months since my ex broke up with me. We both still wanted to be in each other’s lives. After I told him that I was diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder and explaining that though my behaviours (not excusing), in some instances of the relationship we had such as tantrums, extreme fear of abandonment, lashing out and mood swings as well as needing excessive reassurance, I took responsibility for it. It’s been so difficult to not see myself as the villain.

I’m still hurt and disappointed that he never got back to me after I shared that with him. I told him to never contact me again and that access to me is a privilege, therefore he is denied that access. I truly wish deep down that it didn’t end that way.

But today, I still want to give love another chance and I will as many times as I can. Right now, I’m still hurt. I’m still dealing with disappointment and shame and not blaming myself and not trying to gaslight myself. It’s tough.

The place I’m at now is more of a crawl that a step but it reminds me of Newton’s First Law - an object will remain stationary or at constant velocity unless an external force acts upon it. That external force is my belief to try again and forgiving myself many, many times. #Depression #Bordeline Personality Disorder #growth #Breakups #Breakthrough

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Mental Illness attitudes in Indian Culture

Everyone’s probably thinking when they see that they’re not going to read it just scroll past but I can’t emphasise how important this issue is. Am I the only one who will talk about the stigma that’s associated with mental illness that’s present in Indian culture. No one talks about and we really need to because this really needs addressing it. ❤️ stigma #MentalHealth #Stigma #indian #ChronicIllness #Bordeline Personality Disorder #GeneralAnxietyDisorder #Depression #Suicide #Pressure #Psychosis #paranoidschizophrenia #OCD


#Bordeline Personality Disorder #DissociativeDisorder

Hi everyone, so I've been having very disturbing dissociative moments. I don't know how to explain how different they are now from before, but now they starting to feel like astral projection. and my biggest worry when I'm dissociating is that what if my body is open to being possesed by different entities.

I am not religious in any way, but I find myself scrambling to get back to my body with an added layer of enxiety and urgency..

Before it used to feel a bit ok, because it was like I got a break from being in reality, it didn't bother me that much, I was us d to it, but now it just feels different and I'm scared.

maybe I'm just paranoid and imagining things.

. #DissosiativeDisoder

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