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    BPD Seeking… #Mentor #bpdhelp

    I am new here; nearly a week in. Didn’t think I’d be posting so soon but unplanned events happen. The 5+ year on/off relationship I’ve been in ended today. I feel numb right now.

    I reached out to him just over a month ago to update him on a few things and seek help on a stressful personal matter. I was only seeking help. 10 minutes in, he brings up “us”. I’ve been stressed, just seeking help…remind him of this.

    A few days in, he tells me he wants the relationship. Approached multiple times on subject. Needless to say, the stress continued and some of it got misdirected towards him. Long story short, he got offended and I got defensive.

    It escalated so I approached him yesterday with MANY incessant texts telling him how much I wanted this relationship. Upon awaking this morning, I immediately shifted my position and told him in short form that a relationship just isn’t going to work right now. As soon as I sent it, I knew I’d self-sabotaged.

    He responded in short form with “Who is this?”. After the third time, he said he was dead; I had killed what he had left to give and he just couldn’t do this anymore and asked me if I really knew who I was.

    I cried for hours over the loss of him although I created the situation. I went back through the communication, analyzed, overthought but finally could see what he was explaining. I responded and told him I could understand his position, I could recognize the behavior he called out and told him I loved him.

    And now it’s over for good. I just don’t understand me and why I self-sabotage. I am so illogical and seek what’s wrong in relationships rather than recognize what’s right. My over-thinking is constant yet I react to my own thoughts as if they were his. I call myself an empath yet I realize in hindsight that I can say mean things with lacking consideration of others.

    All I know is that I don’t want to be this person anymore. And if this is how I see myself then what does this say about me? How do I stop the self-loathing. I can’t blame him for leaving for good.

    I’ve lost the love of my life because of my mental illness. I want to be better. I’m desperate for help! I need a mentor…someone who’s been through this and has done the work. I need guidance. Is there anyone out there? If so, please message me. #BPDDiagnosis #BPD #BPD relationships #self -sabotage #Selfblame #self -help #help #Mentor


    Frustrated and Down #Bpdisexhausting #bpdhelp

    How do you all handle when your family constantly tells you that you’re overreacting, take things too seriously/personally, blah blah bs. I am so fed up with it. I’m exhausted of having such strong feelings/emotions, and feel insane. #help

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    Job Rejection

    There was a job I was hoping to get - part of it was that I really liked it and the dark part of me wanted to stick it to my current company, cause it’s better that what they do.

    Rejection is hard for me and right now I’m numb. I have many thoughts I’m just trying to process or drive by. But I can’t help thinking how much of a f*ck I am and I can’t catch a break.

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Rejection #bpdhelp

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    Full moon / Full emotions

    Looking for support today. Beginning of the weeks are rough for me. I also have a laundry list of things I could complain about as to why I’m so down including losing my DBT psychologist,... #BPD #bpdhelp #Bpdsupport #Depression #fullmoon #pinkmoon

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    Will anyone ever be able to handle me?

    #bpdhelp #idontwantobelikethis


    I was diagnosed with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder in February but was just told today and I’m kinda frustrated. Why wasn’t I told?

    They kept giving me advice that didn’t make sense to me with my diagnosis of depression, but it makes sense with bpd. And since I’m the one who has to figure out how to live with it I feel like they should have told me🤷‍♀️ Any thoughts?
    I’m pretty new to this so I hope it’s okay to ask this kind of question here. I would also appreciate any encouragement from anyone who is successfully living with bpd. Thanks!
    #BPDDiagnosis #bpdnightmare #Bpdisexhausting #bpdbeautiful #bpdhelp


    HELP!!! Recently Diagnosised, Terrifed, and Feeling Helpless

    I was diagnosised with BPD a few weeks ago and I’m terrified. Not only am I terrified, I’m ashamed to have it. I have read about the stigma and the difficulties getting help. I was told today by my social worker/therapist in the partial hospitalization program that I am in, that it will probably be hard to find someone who will help me because people with BPD “are draining.” That is what he said. I feel hopeless, helpless, alone, lost, confused, ashamed, and borderline suicidal. I feel like because of the stigma that I will never get the help I so desperately want. I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life. I need some help. Anyone experience the same thing? Any advice? Thank you. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #BPDStigma #bpdhelp #bpdsurvivors #bpdcoping

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    HELP! I’m at work and splitting bad! #BPD

    I’m splitting, over sharing and lecturing again. I’m embarrassing myself and can’t seem to control it. I think this behavior has been costing me jobs.

    Close to a panic attack and I’ve alreadyaken 1 mg of Lorazepam. Any suggestions or help, please? #PanicAttack #bpdhelp


    how hard is it getting other people to understand your illness when you don’t really understand aspects of it yourself? why do I feel so many emotions but also feel emotionless? why am I pushing you away but love you to peices? why am I so angry yet so so sad? someone tell me why! I want and I NEED this to stop I don’t think I can go on much longer, I need help and I’m not getting it, and I want answers but nobody can tell them me. this is such a hard thing to get my head around and the confusion is only making me worse. nobody prepares you for dealing with a diagnosis of BPD, and I get it’s very selfish of me that may seem like such a minor mental health problem to some people, but I’m so tired of it already and my life’s only just beginning. I feel stuck and there isn’t a way of getting out. my minds constantly on the go where the only rest I’m getting is sleep, the very few hours I seem to be getting recently. I’m trying to be brave and smile but there’s not much to smile about anymore, I’ve gave up my job and university because I couldn’t deal with the psychosis episodes on my own. I’ve gave up my friends because I pushed and pushed and they didn’t come back. I’m arguing with family and they don’t want me around anymore, they tell me it’s like living with a ticking time bomb waiting for me to explode with emotion and they don’t know what to expect next. I’m eating too much that I physically throw up with the guilt. I want to sleep all the time to escape but can’t due to the anxiety, please make it stop, I don’t know how long I can manage alone 😞 #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdhelp #struggle #MentalHealth #Depression #anger