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Miserable today

Even before I took a fall yesterday, my skin was feeling way too sensitive to let me not think about it. You know that thing where you move your arm and it happens to brush across your shirt or the arm of the chair, or your hand feels burned when your fingers come in contact with your palm? Brain fog has made life difficult, too. I forget words, especially nouns, it seems, and I forget what I am about to do. Like when holding the butter just out of the fridge and I don’t know why I wanted it. And some other crazy stuff. I was cleaning out the top of my closet, getting rid of some stuff, and I picked up this old camp radio, turned around to put it in the donate pile, and stepped off the step ladder. It was about three feet to the floor, so there was no recovery and really, I was on the floor fast. I lay there assessing body parts that might be broken. Fortunately no breaks. A couple scrapes. Some bruises. I guess I’ve finally arrived at my point, no kind of extraneous movement, especially when you’re already in a flare, goes unpunished Today, I am in such pain, flaming pain in my skin, all over, and the bruises throb, and joints hurt, oh and muscles. So it’s okay if you feel a little sorry for this old woman crashing to the floor. And go ahead and be thankful for no broken bones. 🥰

#Fibromyalgia #Burningpain


Pain. Sleep-preventing pain. #Fibromyalgia

My shoulder/neck have been massively flaring up and making it hard to sleep (case in point, it’s 4:40am here). I’ve always just written it off as a fibromyalgia symptom, as has my doctor (or it’s because I’m overweight, the usual diagnosis), but I don’t know if I believe it’s just that anymore. The pain is deep and unbearable, and I have similar pain in my hip most of the time too. Both hips and shoulders are affected but often at different times (eg hip and shoulder on right one flare, on left another). They make lots of cracking and clunking noises and constantly feel like they need stretching or something. No idea why I’m sharing all this other than I can’t sleep and am fed up 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Fibromyalgia #shoulderpain #hippain #Sleep #ChronicPain #Burningpain #sotired #fedup

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Study for Icarus 2019 #Art #ArtTherapy #ChronicPain #NervePains #Disability

I managed to fall down two steps yesterday. Not far for some but it has really jarred my neck and the arm I used to break my fall. So today I’m in a lot of pain and having to get the morphine out. So here’s a piece from earlier this year, the title gives a clue and the burning nerve pain you may have experience of. Still smiling though 😊 #Falling #spinaltrauma #ouch #Disability #ArtTherapy #Burningpain #mobility #Arthritis #EDSAwareness


#Nightmares #Burningpain

Another night of grinding my teeth through nightmares, another night of burning pain going through my hands.
Now to face a day tired in pain and trying to get motivated.
But at least I’m still alive xox