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    Severe Neck/Shoulder Pain

    In bad pain from something called Levator Scapulae syndrome. It’s causing pain in my shoulder and neck and radiating to my head causing headache 🤕 and fatigue. I’m in a lot of pain and feeling frustrated, because I’ve been seeing a chiropractor 👩‍⚕️ for years and still experiencing problems. Even though she’s fixed my severe atlas (C1) misalignment, I still have problems in the other vertebrae which also connect to and cause pain in the surrounding ligaments and tendons 😫my shoulder blade also snaps/grinds when I move it. Don’t know what to do. Anyone experienced this type of pain and has anything helped?
    #ChronicHeadaches #neckpain #shoulderpain #chiropractic


    Do you think it's probably just fibro flare?

    Had fibro 6 years. Thought I'd experienced all the delightfull pains but since xmas it's been on another level. Have the most painful jaw, which I cant stop clenching. My upper chest shoulder and throat hurt. The more pain I get in my chest the worse my headaches are. I've had costochondritis many times but this is higher up in my chest. I've been for a chest xray. They saw some kind of shadow on right hand side so I'm waiting for my results of a CT scan.
    I feel quite scared to be honest. This pain feels different. I know this because these symptoms are triggering my regular fibro pain so double whammy.
    I dont use pain killers for fibro as they dont work but tramadol will take the edge off the chest pain
    I'm confused and fed up.
    #Fibromyalgia #ChestPain #shoulderpain


    Doing things for yourself is rough, I believe u all agree, like getting ready for bed, walking, getting up, sitting down, etc? I love my independence, but, wow.

    I'm just 37yrs old, so so thankful for u all, yall, have been great support, encouragement, I'm just really struggling right now, pain is throbbing, constantly.

    I, so so, get tired of people saying try this, try that, if u would get up and move more, switch doctors, this to shall pass.

    Thanks for being my friends and family.

    If all that will work, have u been diagnosed with all this???

    I have

    -Retinaopathy of Prematurity
    -Carpal Tunnel
    -Groin Pain
    -Essential Tremors
    -Shoulder Pain
    -2L5 S1 Discectomies
    -Knee and Ankle Pain
    -De'quarveins Tenosyvitis

    Some people may be trying to help, but, please, please don't shove it down my throat.

    The thing that gets me, is people say I'll pray for u, ***WILL U REALLY???*** I'll be there for u, ***IF SO, WHERE R U???***

    The religious people say, listen to this pastor, he has a healing ministry, the last time I checked, God is the only ONE healing.

    Man, a lot of people just don't understand, don't get it, etc.



    Endless run without any diagnosis #Fibromyaliga #RheumatoidArthritis #neckpain #CervicalSpondylosis #shoulderpain #ChronicFatigue #ButYouDontLookSick

    I am diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis (poly arthritis, undifferentiated arthritis) and fibromyalgia. Severe pain in muscles and joints. Every square inch hurts. What's worse for the past few months is the neck pain. Along with severe neck pain, I have pain radiating from neck to my right shoulder, upper arm, and lower arm. I feel like I've almost lost the grip in my right hand when pain increases. And pain increases with any minimal activity using the right hand. My doctor asked for an MRI of cervical spine. To my bad luck the report says everything is normal. But the pain in the neck and right shoulder is so bad, I can't really put in words. When there is pain, it's always followed by low grade fever. Making me feel so flu like.
    What could be causing such severe pain, especially when the MRI says everything is normal.
    I'm so sick of being sick.


    Pain. Sleep-preventing pain. #Fibromyalgia

    My shoulder/neck have been massively flaring up and making it hard to sleep (case in point, it’s 4:40am here). I’ve always just written it off as a fibromyalgia symptom, as has my doctor (or it’s because I’m overweight, the usual diagnosis), but I don’t know if I believe it’s just that anymore. The pain is deep and unbearable, and I have similar pain in my hip most of the time too. Both hips and shoulders are affected but often at different times (eg hip and shoulder on right one flare, on left another). They make lots of cracking and clunking noises and constantly feel like they need stretching or something. No idea why I’m sharing all this other than I can’t sleep and am fed up 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Fibromyalgia #shoulderpain #hippain #Sleep #ChronicPain #Burningpain #sotired #fedup


    #Update #shoulderpain

    Would just like to thank all those lovely people who gave advice regarding my shoulder pain over 3 weeks ago. Long story short. Ended up in hospital for two days as pain intensified and started to spread into my chest. Had a great consultant, my X-Ray showed #CalcificationStenosis never heard of it but was extremely painful. Was given a steroid injection into shoulder and by next day it was so much better. I knew something wasn't right, and after them giving me #Oramorph #Morphine10mg but still no let up, but glad to say been at my first physio appt and fingers crossed all will continue in the right direction. Thank you once again lovely people xx


    Desperate to hear from others with shoulder issues, Lyme-induced #