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Need someone

Some time we don't understand god plan . Sometimes we think why god snatch the opportunity by put in birth diseases. I'm 26 years old when i know I'm suffering from coarctation of Arota i.e major heart problem. At that time even my close friends, relative,even my girlfriend leave me. I look myself around butvi find no one alse..when i went to operation theatre for angioplasty ,i had never know that i come out from Operation theatre alive or dead.now due to god blessings I'm am little well than before...i make promises to myself that i would only make friends,girl friend who are suffering from some diseases like surgery, angioplasty, diabetes, etc.. beacause these people know what is love and affection. I know what a person felt when somebody left in life. So please make a friendship with me who wanna share their feelings..i always there.. beacause we don't know how much time we have. #chronic dizziness #ChronicIlless #heart defect #heart problem #heart Surgeon #HeartConditions #HeartDefects #Surgery #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek #InvisibleIllnessAwarenessWeek #CongestiveHeartFailure #BirthDefects #BirthDefect #Alonewithnosupport #alone #Survivor #SuicideLossSurvivor #SupportGroups #Disease #ChangeSchizophreniaExpectations #


#SchizophreniformDisorder we REALLY don't know, do we?

like, do we ever REALLY know? i am an outsider looking in, and i have no clue what goes on inside your head. I have no clue what you think, what you know. it's strange because i know that it isn't what they depict in the movies, so what is it REALLY like?