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Feeling is important

Failure is the foundation of learning. You don't fail you don't learn

3lvery time that you don't fail you're probably going to fIl harder cuz there's something coming up you don't know.

Every failure is one step closer to succes

. First part of being smart is knowing you're not

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#codependancy #PTSD

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Being authentic is so important to heal

People oftentimes make me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin so they say. I don't understand how to live my life anymore, how do I like this person that has failed me so many times. I am having such a magnitude of thoughts, feelings, and I can't even explain it in words. Its so much pressure but its so precious. That although I'm literally on the lip of the understanding that my thoughts are processing faster and then I'm lost trying to remember what I am trying to accomplish but yet it makes sense. I'm so confused and I feel like it's hard to be positive anymore. Everyday I withdraw inside myself more and more. I want to open myself and be authentic when inside me lives the meanest person I've ever met. #ptsd #complexposttraumaticstressdisorder #empath #chronic pain #Endometriosis #major depressive disorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Hypertension # irritable bowel syndrome #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor #SchizophreniformDisorder #Survivor #SuicideLossSurvivor #SuicideSurvivor

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I loved this when I came across it.
I often feel as though I font get enough praise/acknowledgement etc for getting out of bed choosing to be NICE today even haha. I was #bulimic and #anorexic from the time I was 14-30. :/ ... I engaged in those feelings for 5 years.. ITS A BIG DEAL. #people act like " just get it together" " yoy shouldn't have done it in the first place" yoy realize every F-ING day is a struggle for me right. With food... should I puke. Should I not eat today. AND #Depression AND #Anxiety AND #BPD AND #OCD
I SEE YOU, good for you for waking up today ! Good for you 👍 it is a big deal being you, you are important, if you dont have it in you to be YOUR OWN CHEER LEADER I can do it for you right now
( ITS EASIER FOR ME TO praise others, see there effort and gifts and the good in them then it is to acknowledge my own)

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Mental Health Resources for families on a fixed income #Therapy #SchizophreniformDisorder #MentalHealthResources #MentalHealth

I’m struggling to find resources for my family. We are on a fixed income and would really like to find resources to help us navigate through my mother’s mental health needs. We want to do it as a family to encourage her to get the help that she’s needs. It’s been very difficult finding resources that we can afford and that work with our busy schedules. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

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I don’t know if anyone has any experience which Schizophrenia I’ve got a mum who got it and she is hard to deal with and we end up in a fights a lot

#emotional mental abuse #MentalHealth #SchizophreniformDisorder

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Anxiety what to do?

What is anxiety? According to the dictionary it's a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about a recent event. I'm not sure about this description. Typically my anxiety comes on by events that haven't happened yet. The psychological description is a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension. Sometimes with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.
It's difficult to tell a heart attack from a panic attack. They both have similar symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, and exhaustion. I've had my share of anxiety and panic attacks. My most recent experience landed me in the hospital. After staying two nights and multiple heart tests they released me with instructions to see a psychiatrist and get some anxiety medication. What do you do for an anxiety attack?
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Hi guys, I'm new here and I find people on this site really uplifting, loving and supporting. My very first relationship recently ended and things are going pretty rough since then, would be obliged if someone could talk...♥️
My ig handle is @_.tanishax._ , thank you. Hope you guys doing good. Xoxo.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #ADHD #SchizophreniformDisorder #Love

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