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It’s been a while since I posted.

This year has been tough. I am trying to find the positive from it. My favorite part of the holidays is giving gifts. It giving a part of my heart and making someone’s day.
I have been doing nice things for myself #50smallthings . Between my #AnxietyAttacks and the accident this year has been interesting. I am still wondering how I am getting through it. I am just trying my best to #CheerYourselfOn . Thank you everyone for helping me this year.

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I’ve come a long way! #CheerYourselfOn #CheckInWithMe

Hey guys... I just wanted to share a little of my story with you today. I hope this will be encouraging! I’ve dealt with anxiety for a few years I think, and I was never realized that I wasn’t acting or feeling normal. I didn’t know that there was help out there. I also struggled on and off with depression and some definite OCD tendencies, and really crippling self-esteem issues.

I always thought I was just a careful, cautious, worrisome person, but once I evaluated my mental health and spoke to a therapist... Wow. It was wonderful. I felt so understood and I realized I had an opportunity to feel better. I didn’t always have to be this way.

I’ve learned to journal my thoughts and construct self-esteem and way more confidence than I’ve ever had before. I’m still getting there, and there’s a lot of anxiety going on even as I write this, but guys, there is help! It can get better.
#COVID19 #CoronaVirus #Anxiety #Depression #OCD #Therapy #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn


I am wasting my life being depressed.

I used to be a cheerleader when I was a child. when the depression hit when I was 12 years old my life was consumed with self hatredhatred- and hatred in general. I hated "preps", cheerleaders, people who seemed to have it all together. I coughed outside of Abercrombie and Fitch in the mall because the "prep perfumes" would overwhelm me. I hated everything I was and deep down, I was jealous. why couldn't I be happy? why couldn't I cheer and have that perfect lifestyle?

I began to sing around that age. and while it wasnt cheering, it gave me solace. I was 7 years classically trained in opera. I was a musical theater geek, full ride to a liberal arts college in New Jersey. and yet... the depression still took over. the panic attacks and manic nights consumed my life freshman year. I came back home to Texas and struggled for 4 more years just to get my associates degree in arts. I feel so far behind my peers that I graduated high school with.

and I have no one to blame but myself. I held myself back with years of depression and self-hatred. I'm tired of holding myself back, even now at 23. I wasted so much time being depressed, time I cant get back.

so now... I'm choosing joy. I'm choosing to be happy despite my bipolar depression, despite having lupus. I'm going to work to be healthier, happier, more outgoing, confident. Me. I'm choosing to be a cheerleader for myself and my life. #CheerYourselfOn #CheerMeOn #BipolarDepression #Depression #Selfblame #Selfhate

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What is the kindest thing someone has ever said to you? #CheerYourselfOn #ActsOfKindness #wordsofwisdom #Advice #question #shareyourstory

Hi all! My name is Lindsey, and I’m a fellow video intern here at The Mighty. I’ve been scrolling through your feed and reading your stories, and I have to say I’m truly in awe of your strength and inspired by your desire to share your experiences. I understand the true power of words, especially kind, encouraging ones. That being said, I want to know what was the kindest thing someone has ever said to you!

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Interesting thought! Better decision making is key. Do what you feel is right for you...what’s in your core being, heart and soul. Don’t waste your precious time. #MentalHealth #Anxiety #CheerMeOn #CheerYourselfOn

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It Really Is The Small Things In Life!

Part of my therapy is to go for a walk every day. It’s called “exposure” therapy as I’ve become very agoraphobic, among other things, during this mental upheaval in my life. Do you see the ant in the middle of the peony? Yep! That ant is loving life in the sweetness of that flower.

I try to find at least one thing to be happy about each and every day. I’m happy I saw this ant being happy! See? It REALLY is the small things in life. I mean come on now....ants are small! Taking photos along my walk is a great distraction too! Look for small things in your day to uplift your spirits. Simple things. Just try it! #Anxiety #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn #CheerYourselfOn

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I’ve been here! I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Plodding along. Feeling sick. Feeling hopeless some days. BUT...I will get well again ! #keepgoing #Anxiety #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn #CheerYourselfOn