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Migraine Never Turns Off

#fomo As I sit in the shade on the grass alone watching my #Family and relatives bask in the sun on the lake, not wanting to tell them I am in pain and ruin the fun a thought occurred to me. —
I have struggled with #chronicmigrane for a few years now. I’m on #Emgality which controls the full on attacks. However, I still constantly have the ‘minor’ symptoms. If I wear a hat or a headband that’s a little tight or hold my neck the wrong way I will have a dull droning prodome feeling headache all day. If I wear sunglasses that are the wrong prescription, or not prescription, or don’t fit my head, or are over my glasses I am in pain. It’s not excruciating, maybe a 3/10 on the scale, but it is never ending. I am an Emgality success story - please don’t misunderstand me, Emgality got me my life back after nearly a year of trying everything else. But my neurologist doesn’t see a problem because I don’t have 20 ‘migraine days’ a month anymore. But everyday I go outside or get dehydrated or get too tense is a headache day. Nat as bad, but just as persistent. I wish I knew how to get the residual symptoms to go away, but since we treated the migraines, and tested for anything else, my doctor has apparently done all she can.

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mast cell activation disorder emergency kit

am I the only one who's purse looks like this? literally the only reason I still carry a purse is for all my meds. so afraid for an attack I am now carry all abortive meds with me daily. how does everyone else manage with this? #MastCellActivationDisorder #chronicmigrane



I don't feel worthless but, my mother is constantly nagging me about getting a real job because she is paying my bills. I'm in the process of filing a disability appeal with an attorney. I have my own online business but, now I'm having anxiety with crying spells and I'm struggling to get my work done. I want to get better first and then get a real job. I love my mom but, sadly I don't think she realizes she's prohibiting me from getting better.
#Bipolar #ADHD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PTSD #chronicmigrane #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS


Anyone with severe #RheumatoidArthritis want to talk?

A little about me:
1) I am 22 years old, but have had RA since I was 18
2) I am the worst case my rheumatologist has seen over 13 years (he has a 90 year old who is better than me)
3) all of my joints are affected
4) my back is so bad he said he’s never seen one so severe
5) I am a college student who just pushes through my pain
6) also have mild CP, #UlcerativeColitis #chronicmigrane #Asthma


Have you ever had and auditory hallucination with a migraine?

I’ve had #chronicmigrane for 17 years this is the first night that I had a migraine an a #TrigeminalNeuralgia attack at the same time. I wanted to cut off my head. I medicated and just laid in bed trying not to scream. But after I woke up about an hour ago. 4:30 am here I was out of it and hearing this awful noise in the corner of my room. My cat wasn’t, the noise wasn’t real.
I’m terrified.