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Living a healthy lifestyle while on treatment for NSCLC adenocarcinoma with an EGFR 19 del

I’m struggling with finding a balance so that I can go out and be with friends and family. I so often am
feeling like I can’t keep up or just not fun to be with. Being diagnosed and on medication for lung cancer the side effects keep knocking me down & I’m #fomo with having so many other illnesses #Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis #LungCancer #ChronicPain #lumbarspinepain #severefatique
#ics #bps #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

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Fighting the downward spiral extra hard today. #Depression #Anxiety

I’m having the hardest time today tying to not slip into the downward spiral of despair, shame, self pity, ... It’s beautiful outside. Gorgeous. Hasn’t been like this since what feels like never. But I’m extra depressed today. I started depressed. Then I canceled the two plans I had for the day; because of that I’ve disappointed multiple people. This fact makes me even more depressed. I’m feeling sorry for myself, and feeling like a bad person for feeling sorry for myself. I want to sit outside on the deck and absorb the beautiful day … but the idea of relaxing and enjoying makes me feel guilty. I feel selfish for stealing the luxury of time while my terribly hardworking boyfriend busts his ass to hit a deadline—I was supposed to help. He was counting on me. I can’t even count on myself. … The other thing I had planned was to actually go out and have fun with great funny friends from out of town. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had real social fun. I’m missing this year’s version of PrideFest in my city. A festival. A celebration. An act of support and love. But had to cancel. #Depression #Shame #Selfpity #feelingworthless #Uncomfortable #Anxiety #badfriend #fomo #Broken


Roommates hanging out

#fomo I try to keep a good sleep schedule, but my roommates stay up super late and I'm always hearing them start conversations when I'm trying to go to sleep and I so desperately want to be included. I hate feeling left out, like life is passing me by as I sleep on a different schedule. They stay up for hours and I'm alone for hours in the morning, bored by loneliness. I know this is a silly thing to be upset about and I've definitely chosen my sleep schedule over socializing, but it still makes me sad everything I go to bed


i refuse to go to sleep #fomo #Anxiety

I haven't slept in 3nights because i feel like i have a lot to do and sleeping is taking away my time for productivity and so I refuse to sleep


Do you experience employment FOMO?

It's nearing two years that I impulsively quit my job (to save myself and my health) and I haven't been able to find a job since then. Does anyone else have that FOMO around not working? #fomo #unemployment #MentalHealth #Quit #Work


Who has weekend anxiety/FOMO? How do you handle it?

So what behooves me on a weekend is the quietness around my flat. So subconsciously I assume everybody is outside having fun while I'm stuck and forgotten. It isn't true I know. Many of my friends( the depressed ones and the other ones) have confided that they feel it too. Even when they are with their family. Ive been on self ordained singlehood for a year now ( no regrets there) but I find it difficult to deal with this weekend anxiety. I've asked this question already but guess this explains it better #weekendAnxiety #fomo . I've recently started meeting with friends and literally spending atleast a few hours outside so I don't feel stuck but I need something to keep me on my toes on weekends


Migraine Never Turns Off

#fomo As I sit in the shade on the grass alone watching my #Family and relatives bask in the sun on the lake, not wanting to tell them I am in pain and ruin the fun a thought occurred to me. —
I have struggled with #chronicmigrane for a few years now. I’m on #Emgality which controls the full on attacks. However, I still constantly have the ‘minor’ symptoms. If I wear a hat or a headband that’s a little tight or hold my neck the wrong way I will have a dull droning prodome feeling headache all day. If I wear sunglasses that are the wrong prescription, or not prescription, or don’t fit my head, or are over my glasses I am in pain. It’s not excruciating, maybe a 3/10 on the scale, but it is never ending. I am an Emgality success story - please don’t misunderstand me, Emgality got me my life back after nearly a year of trying everything else. But my neurologist doesn’t see a problem because I don’t have 20 ‘migraine days’ a month anymore. But everyday I go outside or get dehydrated or get too tense is a headache day. Nat as bad, but just as persistent. I wish I knew how to get the residual symptoms to go away, but since we treated the migraines, and tested for anything else, my doctor has apparently done all she can.