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Surviving to Thriving with Chronic Illness #lyme

I’m Jessica Laura (@jessicalaurawild) and I’m a survivor like many of you are. In 2018 not only was I suffering in silence with Lyme’s disease but also in an intensive care ward fighting for my life after a procedure went disastrously wrong.

After many years of trying to chase, fix and remove my symptoms of bloating, fatigue and hormonal imbalances with diets, medications and protocols I found myself in a cycle of crippling fear and anxiety.
This year I was able to stop chasing my symptoms and instead started to accept and alchemise my illness & body.

5 years of fixing VS 6 months of acceptance has me living a life that is now turned on despite the challenges.
I’m the most free and delicious I have ever felt ⚡️
Everyday is a new

So many of us women are experiencing chronic health battles from Lyme to PCOS and everything in between. #bloatedbelly
It’s its own pandemic and so greatly misunderstood by conventional medicine, therapists, the public and most concerning of all our government.

If you feel me, and this speaks to you - comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with #illness 🤍🤍🤍🤍

I would love to connect with you via Instagram or Facebook
Instagram: @jessicalaurawild  Facebook: Jessica Laura Blows

#chronicillness #IBS #LymeDisease #chronicwarrior #womensupportingwomen #PCOS #InvisibleIllness


Who do you do it for #ChronicPain #chronicwarrior

Throughout my journey with chronic pain, I've struggled to consistently keep up with doing my physical therapy exercises and stretches consistently.

I teach high school. Today I decided that I need to get back into the groove of it. Not for me, but for my students. I function better as a teacher when I'm at my best physically. Lately, my pain has been bad, so my brain has been off. And that's not fair to my students.

I decided that if I can't force myself to take care of myself for my own sake, I can do it for them.

Who do you do it for? Who motivates you to take care of yourself?

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Spring Strength #MightyPoets

How can I possibly find any strength
When I am to tired to even lift my breath
Let alone cause my sarcomeres to change length
Trying to live life when my body feels like death

My body is weak, yet I am not
For it takes wells of strength to find beauty
When it hides so cleverly, encased in rot
So I’ll share my secret, as a chronic warrior’s duty

I find strength in the little things
The moments too slow to catch if you’re moving fast
My sluggishness rejoicing at every bud unfolding in Spring
As the blooms of new life harmonise, with a passing babies laugh

From lying endlessly on the sofa, my feral kitten is no longer afraid
To knowing that my strength wasn’t just born, it was made

#FindStrength #chronicwarrior #CFSME #Hope

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#imEnough #youareenough #youareworthy

#WarriorMode2019 is my mantra & real for me. It’s not going to be easy, but why set an easily attainable goal, for the Entire Year!!!???
Be your #chronicwarrior self; and realize you are worthy, so worthy.


Never give up #ikeepgoing

#ikeepgoing for my husband, my children, my dogs, my mother, my father, but mostly.... #ikeepgoing for myself. #ikeepgoing because I don't know how to give up, I am a born fighter, a warrior, and ro "quit" is a 4-letter word. I will #keepgoing until I literally and physically cannot. I am made of tougher stuff than what shows on the outside. #ikeepgoing because I know no other way
#ChronicPain #chronicwarrior #fightlikeagirl