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Am I a huge nerd.. or are my friends spenders??? #Clueless #stickershock #Omg #Parenting #Caregiver #CowdenSyndrome

Ok.. so a young man and young woman choose to get married. They are setting up their first apartment and preparing for a wedding. How much does an engagement ring cost. Please specify if this is with the cost of the stone or just the setting.. cause I’m freaking out here just a little


Clueless therapist

I am still hunting for a good therapist. The one I met today said I could be a really good customer service head. I am a tutor and I hate customer service. Why do therapists waste a patient's resources?! Sigh.
#wrongtherapist #confidentyetstupidtherapist #desperatemeeting #Lowdays #Clueless #CBT

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I feel like a loser!!!

I am 34 unmarried with no hope of finding love. I always wanted to be married and have kids which seems a distant dream with every passing year.
I am working with the same company for 10 years and feel stagnated, frustrated and unfulfilled but I can't quit because I need to support my parents.
I loved to travel but even that gives me anxiety as I don't want to travel alone or be alone in another country.
My anxiety has been extremely bad lately, I constantly feel tired because of lack of sleep and feel like throwing up.
I think about suicide a lot but can't afflict that pain on my parents.
I feel completely hopeless, unhappy and depressed.
#Clueless #Anxiety #Depression


#LupusDiagnosis #Clueless

Sometimes i still denying that i’ve diagnosed Lupus. My life change so much after it, i live my ups and downs for almost a year because of the symptoms. I hate to pretend i’m ok but i’ve to look and stay strong for my children. I want to quit my job and spend so many precious things with my children but i can’t do that because they need good education and living that my husband can not afford. I don’t want ended as my mom who die with the same diagnosis with me and leave her child in very young age and helpless.


How do you post a photo item on this site?

I'm ready to scream! I can't even figure out how to get pics to stick on this site. And Lord knows I can barely understand how to get a statement on here that will now stay. But they were only on responses! #Clueless #lick and #stich


Numb and alone #Isolation #Sarcoidosis #Shame #weightgain #Clueless

It’s just me and my illness, we’ve been through good and bad but I’ve always fought to be as nothing as possible not defined by what I have but who I am. I am married but my husband buries his head in the sand ignoring my illness and limitations as much as he can, though he likes the convenience of my parking card and my wheelchair so I carry the bags on my knee!

I never thought he would make me feel like he did yesterday though. We went to a Clients new restaurant, he decided to drink not eat. I still work as a lawyer and am the main breadwinner which is stressful, my husband disappeared I found him at the bar chatting to some people in particular a very attractive slim tall girl, I’m on steroids so I’ve gone from 50 kg to 67kg in 12 years of treatment. The girls boyfriend comes up to me tells me my husband has been behaving terrible, needs to stop being all hands with his girlfriend, then another girl shows up throwing herself all over him. At this point the guys get me a chair as my husband is ignoring me, they’re telling me that my husband is rude and that I deserve better and he’s not good enough and all I can think is does he really resent me and my illness that much. He stopped sleeping in the same room as me months ago with lame jokes excuses, keeps makes fun of my weight (he’s far from perfect) and told me once after he had a few too many drinks that he thought I lied and made everything up about my illness - I have brain tumours and multiple other tumours! Now I feel numb from yesterday and his behaviour towards me!

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Dummy, again.

Here I am, dating my ex for the second time. Although, we were together 3 years, he cheated on me and broke my heart. After almost a year apart, he’s been reaching out to me, checking in. Now let me add, it’s been REAL NICE. I totally felt like I healed up and my confidence has spiked for the best! So he’s been reaching out, we’ve gone on 3 different dates and it’s truly been so nice. Battling the normal emotions, like a DUMMY, I slept over. Now I’m misreading messages, thinking we can complete a Netflix series together, & it scared the hell out of me. HERE I GO, getting dumber and dumber. Idk what to do because I think I’ve already given him what he “missed”. Ugh #Relationships #heartbreak #Mistakerepeater #Clueless

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