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Heartless crazy lady

#Forgotten on my birthday been thrown away does anyone care I was born


Have you ever #Forgotten to take your medicine?

#Medicine and #Selfcare are very important. Lately I have had some symptoms flare up. Bad memory, and mixing up my medicine as a result of it.

I feel bad, but I truly believe that I am going to make it through. What about you?



Birthday 🎉🎉🎈

Shared coffee ☕ with a neighbor and her service 🐕‍🦺 BEAR. Went for a beautiful walk to get some fresh air and see things in the daylight. Last weekend of good daylight.
Went to my favorite non dairy treat shop and got some yummy dreamy chocolate chip fudge ice cream. Being non dairy, treats that taste good are rare, so I gave myself a treat today.
#chronic pain #Distract me #breast cancer survivor, seasonal affective, #Depression #Fibromyalgia , #positive thought of the Day, self care, #Anxiety , #Forgotten ,#invisible illness,

I want to thank all the mighties that have wished me Happy Birthday 🎁🎉,!
Signing off mighties

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#Abandoned #Forgotten #Loneliness

It’s a seriously surreal experience when you come across something that perfectly articulates how you feel and what your going through...


Feeling #Forgotten #Endometriosis

Before I say anything else, this is not a criticism of the NHS. These things happen, and this post is purely about how I feel because of what transpired.

I had an agreement with my consultant that if my quality of life got worse, I could write to him and go ahead with the laparoscopy that we both agreed could help but came with risks. After Christmas I wrote that letter and sent it, and it was really difficult. Not as difficult as today though, when I summoned up the vestiges of energy to call the secretary to make sure the letter had been received. It had been delivered, but gone missing, and she was kind enough to give me an email address so that I could send the letter more directly.

It is so hard to feel like your struggles are worth putting up with when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, or even know if there is an end to the tunnel. I hope the email gets to the consultant, because I don't know what I do next if I can't make this work.

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I'm not anyone's favourite person.
I'm never first choice.
I'm always forgotten about.
I'm an just afterthought.
No one really cares where I am or what happens to me.
No one listens when I speak.
No one asks if I'm ok, they don't care enough.
No one thinks about me in the middle of the night.
No one thinks about me at all.
No one asks what I did on the weekend.
No one compliments me on anything.
No one wonders why I look so tired, so sad, so drained, so quiet.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm still f*cking here, but sometimes I wonder if I should be.
#Depression #Forgotten #invisible



My boyfriend who has severe depression has suddenly forgotten about me and even asked me: “who are you” when I texted him? What should I do? I can’t go to his place due to covid quarantine .....