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Cochlear implants in APS Patients

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I had posted anything. After many years losing my hearing from the left side (I was born deaf from the right side) , earlier this week the ent doctor said I am a candidate for cochlear implant. My head is spinning. I am happy for this possibility, but anxious that it will be so weird to hear and understand everything . Then, I am also wondering if anyone with aps have ever had this experience. What was the outcome? #Anxiety #AntiphospholipidSyndrome #Deafness #CochlearImplants


Does anyone know of programs that help you pay for cochlear implants?

Hello, my name is Jax. I struggle with #Singlesideddeafness . I was born without hearing on my left side and have payed for a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) implant by Cochlear Americas. Years ago. I had it implanted and it got infected. I now wear it with a head band. It is very old and has begun to stop working. Unfortunately, since the version of the BAHA that I have is so outdated, I’m unable to get it fixed. Buying the sound processor alone without the implantation surgery would not be covered by insurance. Although the surgery would be. Since surgery is not an option right now I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs or services that help families pay for cochlear implants? #CochlearImplants #Deaf #HardOfHearing #hearingimpared


I have severe tinnitus in both ears. For those that have gone through the surgery did the tinnitus reduce enough that it was worth it to you?