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Auditory Processing Disorder

Has anyone had any luck with hearing aids, ALDs, or literally anything else helping them hear and understand people when they're talking?
I just received the Nuheara IQbuds² Max that I ordered. They're supposed to separate speech from background noise but no luck, so far. #AuditoryProcessingDisorder #CentralAuditoryProcessingDisorder #APD #Hearing #HearingImpairment #HearingAids #HardOfHearing

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Intimacy & disability: As someone who's deaf & wears hearing aids, are there others who find them sexy & attractive??



Disability Unknown and Multiplying

So I am in my early twenties and have had a lot of undiagnosed chronic illness lately. The most recent thing I learned was that I am needing hearing aids. I go for a fitting on Tuesday. I have struggled this last year to accept needing assistance and health aids. I went from only needing a cane on occasion to needing to use a wheelchair constantly. Adding the hearing loss and needing hearing aids has me feeling broken. I had a person joke that I am becoming blind, deaf, and dumb (used in place of the r slur). This all really has been defeating me since I am trying to finish college with all of this. I don’t know how to navigate all of this and I’m very overwhelmed. #Disability #ChronicPain #Undiagnosed #HearingLoss #HearingAids #WheelchairUser


Time to celebrate!

I finally got hearing aids! It's scary how much sounds the world around me makes, but I feel much more confident walking alone because I hear what's going on behind me. #HardOfHearing #Deafness #HearingAids

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On the road to hearing!

Had an audiologist appointment this morning. I’ve been thinking a long time about getting hearing aids and if it was the right decision for me. Decided to go through with it today. They’ll be ready in a couple weeks! I’m excited but still a tiny bit nervous. But I’m looking forward to potentially hearing things I haven’t heard in a really long time. #HearingLoss #HearingAids #HardOfHearing #Deaf

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Hearing aid maintenance kit #HearingAids #HearingLoss

Above is my organization kit for my hearing aids. I was born with a completely useless left ear. I wear two Phonak cros-aids which bring sound from one side to the other. I thought I’d share how I keep myself organized with the supplies that come with hearing devices. First of all, I have this lovely pouch that I bought from target. I really like that it has two compartments for organizing. I keep batteries and wax traps, as well as anything else that falls under hearing device maintenance, in the smaller compartment. The larger compartment contains my hearing aids and cochlear implant( which I wear with a headband- I can post a story about that if anyone’s interested) as well as any accessories I use with them such as microphones and remotes( I have pretty outdated hearing devices. They don’t pair with my phone). If anyone reading this deals with a single-sided hearing loss, let me know what has helped you in terms of hearing devices or other equipment. What would you include in your hearing aid maintenance kit?

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Does anyone else on here have low pitch/reverse slope hearing loss?

I have low pitch/reverse slope hearing loss and it seems to be sssuuuper uncommon. I also have auditory processing disorder and wear hearing aids. does anybody else wear hearing aids to help with auditory processing disorder? Asking out of curiosity!

#HearingLoss #HardOfHearing #HearingAids #reverseslopehearingloss #lowpitchhearingloss #AuditoryProcessingDisorder