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Does your spouse support you?

I’ve known my husband now for half my life. He’s always been a very hard worker but, lately I feel like it’s an escape outlet to avoid being present. I often feel like a child unable to participate in my own life. Since I’m disabled I’ve come to depend a lot more on my immediate family. Mostly, they’re understanding but, it’s hard not to feel like a burden. How do you contend with the guilt associated with feeling useless? #MentalHealth #Disability #Inclusivity

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Happy National ASL Day!

Today is National ASL Day! 🤟🏻🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾🤟🏿

Did you know that the American School for the Deaf opened in Hartford, Connecticut on April 15, 1817?

“There, teachers and students worked together and, by intermingling Native American Signs, French Sign Language, and even Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language, American Sign Language (ASL) was born.”

National ASL Day is celebrated every year on April 15. This day celebrates and honors American Sign Language. ASL serves as the main sign language of Deaf groups in the United States.

Growing up hearing impaired, I learned some sign language from a good friend of mine who is deaf. She and her family and friends taught me many things that I utilized and was greatly helpful. A few years ago, my grandmother lived in a building for deaf and blind seniors, I had the wonderful opportunity of communicating with them through ASL and connecting with them on a personal level due to my own circumstances of being hearing impaired and legally blind. Last year, I took some online/remote classes through the Helen Keller National Center and one of them was for communications, where I expanded my knowledge of sign language and learned more. I even got to learn about haptic signs and tactile sign language which I would greatly benefit from due to my blindness. I am so grateful for all the people I have learned more from and am so excited to teach others about ASL!

This day is a great opportunity to celebrate and learn more about sign language.

Do you or someone you know uses sign language? Ask them to teach you some words and phrases. You never know when it may be useful!

Image Description: A light blue background with National American Sign Language Day April 15 in white font. On the bottom left corner of the image in a large white circle is a cartoon hand doing a sign for I love you.

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Trust People with Disabilities to tell you what they need

Xandra's friend Fanw wanted to invite her to a party but wasn't sure how to make that happen since Xandra can't sit for long.
She invited her and asked how to make it work for Xandra. Xandra brought her own camping recliner so she could have a comfortable place to be.

The party was a great chance to spend time with friends. Xandra wouldn't have been able to come if Fanw hadn't been so sensitive to her needs, and to trust her that she could come up with a solution.

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Accessibility #Inclusivity #Representationmatters #Barbie #Fibromyalgia #Endometriosis


I saw a list of Mighty articles today about mental health and Christianity. Are there similar articles highlighting other faiths? #Inclusivity

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Does anyone have any recommendations on things a fraternity can do/events they can hold that would be accessible for everyone with disabilities.

I had a fraternity at my college ask me how they could be more inclusive with people with disabilities including those with invisible illnesses. I was only able to give them a handful of ideas and would like to be able to provide them with more information/ help #InclusionAndSpecialNeeds #Inclusivity #Disability