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Today I felt different than yesterday and the days before. I woke up feeling more confident within myself. I looked in the mirror and told myself how much I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve survived. This is my warrior shield, I am my worrier shield if you will. I have to create creative ways for my mind and imagination part to feel connected somehow. The comparisons help me. Anyways, lately I have been feeling a little less confident. Maybe it’s because my job requires me to get dirty and sweaty and not express myself in anyway. I wear loose scrubs and a somewhat baggy shirt on me. I don’t ever feel confident when I’m at work and that is where I am 40+ hours of the week. Today, I did my makeup a little different, I put some nice clothes and jewelry and I felt so different...I felt happier to be myself and wear what made me happy and comfortable that day. I sometimes get so lost in my job that requires so much mental and physical strength to get through, and I come out crying and frustrated with myself because I’m neglecting my own self..I know I’m so many ways I could be confident but I’ve never seen it in me. Today, I went into my job to get some papers and my co-workers were like “wow, you look so good when you aren’t at work!” Or “wow, you look different when your not in your work clothes!” It made me remind myself that these people don’t even see that side of me ever. As little as I do myself.... #Confidenceneeded #Tryingtocope #Tryingtobehere