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Any self-care journals?

I’m thinking of making a self-care / mental health journal, as a way to keep myself busy and work on my mental health at the same time.

I want to include my goals and keep track of their progress, a guide for a bad anxiety day and depression day, a page of things I can do to keep busy, include in my daily routine etc.

I would love suggestions! If you have something similar let me know what works for you, or what you would recommend I include. Anything and everything you think would be useful to add, please leave all your thoughts 🌞

#Selfcare #Journal #Anxiety #Depression #dailyroutine #keepingbusy

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Making a list #MondayMotivation

Making a list sometimes needs to just hold some real life basics like getting out of bed, showering, brushing teach.

It’s okay to just achieve sometime like getting out of bed, it’s okay to not get out of bed. You do what you need to & remember what you are ready there are people there for you.

I hope you are all okay as you can be in these crazy times.

#MondayThoughts #sunday #YouGotThis #Believe #thelist #MorningRoutine #dailyroutine


What's your daily/bedtime routine that you guys do to help with depression and anxiety?

Right now I don't have health insurance so I can't do therapy or see a doctor.

I am in the process of obtaining the paperwork.

Until then I want to do self-care and routines to combat my mental illness.

I kind of have a idea of what I want my routines to be but I like to see what you guys do so I can get a more clearier picture.
#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #dailyroutine #Bedtimeroutine #Selfcare #HealtyCopingMechanism


Creating a Daily Routine #52SmallThings

My morning routine is now:
get dressed
15 mins yoga/pilates

My evening routine is:
take meds/manage diabetes
lock the door, rabbits hear the keys and go to cage
feed rabbits and close cage for the night
brush teeth
set breakfast table
pick clothes for next day

I want to add some things to my morning routine. It's the time when I have the most energy, so I want to get the 'difficult things' done, this will save me energy later on in the day. These are: dishwasher, folding laundry, e-mail and internet banking. Also I want to divide cleaning the rabbits cage over the course of the week, and include it in my morning routine, but this will come later on.

Starting this week with dishwasher after breakfast, then a cup of coffee as a reward.

#dailyroutine #DissociativeIdentityDisorder#CPTSD#PTSD#Diabetes#Fibromyalgia#Arthritis#ChronicIllness#ChronicPain


Creating a Daily Routine #52SmallThings

This week I am thinking of what my next step will be. I (we) have decided it's going to be a Sun Salutation (yoga) upon getting out of bed. If the bedroom proves to be too cold in the morning, I'll do it after getting dressed and getting downstairs, where it is warmer. Then breakfast.

#dailyroutine #DissociativeIdentityDisorder#CPTSD #PTSD#Diabetes#Fibromyalgia#Arthritis#ChronicIllness#ChronicPain


Creating a daily routine #52SmallThings

I already had an evening routine which I worked on from September through November of 2018. I am now focusing on my morning routine and continue from there.

Last week I had a common Dutch part of breakfast, a biscuit with chocolate sprinkles, to start the day with. It worked for all my innerones (parts) on all mornings, yay. This week I will set the breakfast table before bed, as an addition to my evening routine. That should simplify mornings :-)

#dailyroutine #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #CPTSD #PTSD #Diabetes #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

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