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Night time routine

The key to having a great day starts the night before. Improve your night time routine and improve your days.

#Nighttime #Bedtime #Bedtimeroutine #nighttimeroutine #HealthyHabits #healthyroutine

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Morning and night routines

A lot of achieving your goals comes down to routine. We will be going over routine in the workshop next week.

Do you have a daily, morning, or night routine?

#routine #MorningRoutine #nightroutine #Bedtimeroutine

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#Supportanimals #PTSD #Insomnia #MedicalCannabis #Bedtimeroutine

The house is finally quiet. My sweet Baby girl tucked into bed. Thunderstorms blowing thru and I'm happy to be comfortably medicating with my bedtime strain under my weighted blanket and my furry soul mate♡This dog saved me. We saved each other. And I have never experienced unconditional love, and I truly had never experienced anything like it in my whole life. 4 years later and she is forever by my side. Always waiting for me. Always predicting my movements, my moods, my anxious tendencies. She knows how to stop them in their tracks. She will smother me with love until nothing else in the world matters. She makes me feels protected, safe, and comforted, most of all she makes me feel loved. I couldn't imagine life without her. I left for work for 4 hours tonight and she was sooo happy to see me when I got home!! But not as happy as I am every time I open my door to see her beautiful face! Now to work on getting up an appetite for some calories before bed.


when do you change your bed covers? #MentalHealth #Autism #SensoryOverloads

This is weird to ask but it’s mighty ❤️, cause my sensory I cover my whole body with blankets and sometimes pillows at night. My family and friends describe me as sausage roll at night x
I sweat a lot cause the blankets, how long do you have bed covers on before change me few month or till my parents tell me. I want to be more independent now I know I am, got a job, use public transport but the little things as well as the big. How long shall I wait to change my covers?
#MentalHealth #Autism #SensoryIssues #Bedtimeroutine


What's your daily/bedtime routine that you guys do to help with depression and anxiety?

Right now I don't have health insurance so I can't do therapy or see a doctor.

I am in the process of obtaining the paperwork.

Until then I want to do self-care and routines to combat my mental illness.

I kind of have a idea of what I want my routines to be but I like to see what you guys do so I can get a more clearier picture.
#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #dailyroutine #Bedtimeroutine #Selfcare #HealtyCopingMechanism