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Night time routine

<p>Night time routine</p>
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Morning and night routines

<p>Morning and night routines</p>
Community Voices
Community Voices

when do you change your bed covers? #MentalHealth #Autism #SensoryOverloads

This is weird to ask but it’s mighty ❤️, cause my sensory I cover my whole body with blankets and sometimes pillows at night. My family and friends describe me as sausage roll at night x
I sweat a lot cause the blankets, how long do you have bed covers on before change me few month or till my parents tell me. I want to be more independent now I know I am, got a job, use public transport but the little things as well as the big. How long shall I wait to change my covers?
#MentalHealth #Autism #SensoryIssues #Bedtimeroutine

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What's your daily/bedtime routine that you guys do to help with depression and anxiety?

Right now I don't have health insurance so I can't do therapy or see a doctor.

I am in the process of obtaining the paperwork.

Until then I want to do self-care and routines to combat my mental illness.

I kind of have a idea of what I want my routines to be but I like to see what you guys do so I can get a more clearier picture.
#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #dailyroutine #Bedtimeroutine #Selfcare #HealtyCopingMechanism

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