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For fun

This is a Kitty I drew today. Took a little bit of time but it really helped me not focus on my pain and stuff. I hope you like it! #Kitty #Cat #Drawing #digitalart

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#Kitty Medicine is the best

Gabbie girl and I started new medicines days apart from each other. She has #Hyperthyroidism and I started #sulfasalazine for whatever new is happening with my health. Today was a #toughday but Gabbie girl new it and gave me extra snuggles.

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Cabin Fever #Kitty

Day 16 of our shelter-in-place & cabin fever is [literally] running rampant at the Lewis house

#Pets #DistractMe #COVID19 #Anxiety

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Take A Mighty Minute

It’s pets time. To spread some joy to those who need it ❤️ This is my adorable Dax 🥰 He’s a rescue. The Rescue Agency named him, and I love it 😻 #Kitty #MentalIllness #Joy #Pets #Love

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I had to say goodbye to my #esa

Monday, I had to do one of the hardest things of my life. Rikki, my #Kitty and #esa ,has been sick for months, and my husband and I had tried thousands of $$ to test and medicate her, but it didn’t help. I didn’t want her to suffer anymore.
Backstory: I had 2 cats previously, but right after we got married, we had to move cross country from TX to CA. I left my cats with my parents because 1) they don’t travel well, and 2) we knew we were only going to be there 1.5 years. When we moved in, after a couple weeks, I was so #lonely , I told my husband I needed a cat. He was working 8-12 hour days, and I couldn’t land a job, so I was home, everyday, all day, #alone . My psychiatrist helped me certify her as my ESA, and she took her job *seriously*. She would follow me Room to room, wherever I was. She would even sit on the mat in front of the sink while I washed dishes. When we napped, she would lay on my chest, her face inches from mine. It’s like she knew. I was super #depressed there. I went to an out patient program, fighting the urge to end it all. But Rikki was there, sitting on my lap while I cried, snuggling in bed at night.
And when traveling back home to TX, she was an excellent passenger for the almost 1,800 miles. If it wasn’t for her, I might not be here. She saved my life every day.
The amount of #Guilt I feel putting her to sleep, after she has kept me alive, I feel like I betrayed her. Rikki was about 10 years old. I’m sorry, baby, I had to do this. Please wait for me, after crossing that #Rainbowbridge . 🌈💔🐱

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