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recommendations during quarantine

I was searching for some tv show recommendations and came across this app. it doesn’t only recommend you tv shows but also: music, movies, new apps, restaurants near by, items you may be interested in, books, etc. and I thought i might as well share it with you guys just in case you’re interested :) peoople.app/steephnicole_ #DistractMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Distractions #Whattodo #distractiontactics #quarantinelife #boredom #helpeachother #Alternative #AnxietyDisorders #Entertainment #Mindfulness

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Do you have a hobby or interest that gives a little light to your day and/or serves as a bit of distraction from your illness and/or symptoms??

When my severest #CrohnsFlare started 5 and a half years ago, my mum taught me the very basics of knitting. I don't know how I would have gotten through the last 5 years of isolation and having to rest so much if I didn't have my craft! I have since taught myself many many knitting techniques and last year taught myself to crochet. I also started designing my own patterns and selling them online, some of them for charity. The picture featured above is all my current designs with another coming very soon!

The simple patterns are a great way to relax and the more complex are a great distraction to concentrate on. It also provides a sense of achievement and gives me something to show for my time. I love to listen to TV shows and movies or audio books while I work and the online knitting community help me to feel less alone.

As my list of chronic conditions increases it's nice to have something I can do despite my illnesses. Even if somedays the fatigue and/or pain is too much, I might still do a row or look at a crafting magazine, it's good to have something to occupy my mind between naps.

I love love love colour and using bright hand dyed soft yarns helps lift my mood and sooth my anxiety for a little while. I am a self confessed yarn addict and proud!

Yarn craft is for anyone and everyone of any age or sex and I cannot advocate enough for its health benefits. 👍🏻🧶

#DistractMe #Crohns #Ileostomy #Fibromyalgia #InterstitialCystitis #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicPain #Anxiety #knitting #distractiontactics #chronicwound

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What is your favorite song? #DistractMe

Every caregiver needs a good distraction. One of my favorites is music! Music can change your emotions and overall make you feel better.

#Caregiving #distractiontactics



I wonder if we don't communicate enough due to the internet making us dependent on social media and these type of platforms where we don't have any human interaction anymore? Can it be that we are depressed because we don't go out because we're scared that someone will actually want to talk to us? Yes, I understand that what we talk about might scare them off, so maybe we opt for a change in conversation, since totally healthy to NOT always be thinking what we're usually stewing up in our heads. We're supposed to depend on ourselves for our own happiness, but when there's no human interaction, it creates a void that cannot be filled by aimlessly scrolling thru countless pages of other people's activities, which they too are seemingly reaching out for attention that they aren't getting from these human-less social platforms. Sometimes we need help with our loneliness, but its not going to come from sitting home alone crying about it or crying to someone who abused us, perpetuating our already doomed existence. We need more awareness of experiences outside ourselves. We need human contact. And that can only happen if we get off our butts & go somewhere where there are people. Why can't we do it alone? So what if u go out by yourself. Just make sure u go where there's a crowd, somewhere safer than the typical bar scene. I, myself, dont have a problem going to the bar alone, but...maybe a cafe or a bookstore or a school campus. Why is it so hard for us to just go out and hug somebody without feeling like they won't like us or they won't approve of such actions or they will think badly of us for going out alone or fill in the blank? It doenst matter what THEY think, it only matters what WE think if our thoughts are leading us to stay trapped inside our own homes (or minds) for fear of human interaction. We NEED human interaction, which leads to contact, which leads to hugging, kissing, etc (u get the point), human conversation, which leads to laughter...it really is the best medicine! Can we, just for 2 days out of our busy week, take time to get dressed & go out in public, even if it's just to the grocery store, just to smile & say hi to the cashier & talk to the bag boy if no one else? Don't answer the question with lame excuses why u can't or wont... just do it! Or maybe ask someone to come over & break up the monotony, whatever it takes to have REAL LIFE HUMAN CONTACT, doesn't have to be sexual, just a real person sitting in front of u! #distractiontactics #CheckInWithMe #depressionsucks

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