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Easy quick protein filled meals while recovering from a bad flare? I can’t eat any red meats or fish

Hi everyone. I’m new here. I’ve been battling a really challenging flare recently. I’m 25 years old and I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 7 years old. I have been really lucky growing up, going through very few flares until I turned 20. Ever since then I have had at least one flare every year, constantly needing IV fluids& meds, constant body aches and fatigue. I know my nutrition intake hasn’t helped but the thought alone of most foods, and now all meats, makes me nauseous. When I do work up the courage to eat any meat, it comes up within an hour. I also have to stay away from beans and seeds, they tend to upset my stomach too. Please offer any suggestions you may have for meals that will help me get through. Sometimes having no one around who understands makes me feel crazy or like an “annoying picky eater”. Feeling so overwhelmed these days. #CrohnsDisease #CrohnsFlare #FoodRestrictions

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My Crohns Journey so far..

Diagnosed Dec 2013
Hospitalised July 2014
On steroids for most of the year
Started Inflixamab, on that for two years stopped working, then changed over to the Bio did nothing.
Went back on steroids and Azathioprine for months.
Started Adalimumab on that for almost two years, went into remission for 6/7 months. Then it all started again adalimumab stopped working. Back onto another steroid had to stop it due to side effects, waited to start something new but due to COVID kept getting pushed.
Finally Ustekinumab kinda helped but not really. Stopped that due to antibodies. Then GI wanted to try Tofacitinib to see if colitis had a play in it but it didn’t work. Now in a very bad flare worse it’s been and waiting to be seen again. Was on Mebeverine all month to try help my ibs in the mean time but things got worse. Not to mention all the other medication to help acid reflex, spasms, pain relief and three different steroids. My current flare is going to the toilet every hour, all food just coming out undigested (I’m so hungry!!), bleeding every bowel movement, losing weight, my bum is so sore I can’t sit on it, my bones feel like paper, the good old mouth ulcers, eye inflammation, I hardly sleep due to needing to open my bowels, I have to avoid fibre and try not to have to much diary so no idea what to eat 🤦🏼‍♀️
Going for a scope next week and possibly starting Vedolizumab.

#CrohnsDisease #IBDAwareness #Spoonie #CrohnsFlare #Depression #Anxiety #IBS #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS


Crohn's flare hard mode #CrohnsDisease #CrohnsFlare #chronic

Hi I'm going to rant because life is rough. I'm a 24F master's student trying desparately to complete a placement but failing miserably.

I've missed 9 days of placement because of Crohn's issues. I've lost 15lbs since new years. I sleep for 12hrs at a time and spend most of my day in bed. My GI abandoned me randomly and his nurse keeps apologizing but she said he's really busy 'elsewhere in the hospital' whatever that means, so my family doctor is desparately trying to do something for me. Anyway, went under a scan today looking for an intestinal blockage or something and I won't know until tomorrow and URGH 😖


My friend is in the midddle of a Crohns flare and I want to send him something nice but I can’t find anything suitable, what do you all suggest?

#CrohnsDisease #CrohnsFlare #Support

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#CrohnsFlare #CrohnsDisease

Hi, so this is kind of embarrassing, I've only been diagnosed for 2 months and I'm still fairly new to it all,haven't really spoken to anyone from ibd team. I was in hospital for 2 weeks with a flare and obstruction (which was sorted) I was discharged but am still having bloody diarrhea however the pain is very much bearable with buscapan which they have prescribed (telling me to avoid pain meds if possible to avoid constipation).im also on a low fiber https://diet.How long does this last for roughly, is there anything I can do to stop it?

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Normal me vs flare me, the highs and lows of Crohn’s face is on fire right now... #CrohnsDisease #CrohnsFlare

Anyone who can suggest remedies for this horrible rash...or at least a good way to conceal it...

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Do you have a hobby or interest that gives a little light to your day and/or serves as a bit of distraction from your illness and/or symptoms??

When my severest #CrohnsFlare started 5 and a half years ago, my mum taught me the very basics of knitting. I don't know how I would have gotten through the last 5 years of isolation and having to rest so much if I didn't have my craft! I have since taught myself many many knitting techniques and last year taught myself to crochet. I also started designing my own patterns and selling them online, some of them for charity. The picture featured above is all my current designs with another coming very soon!

The simple patterns are a great way to relax and the more complex are a great distraction to concentrate on. It also provides a sense of achievement and gives me something to show for my time. I love to listen to TV shows and movies or audio books while I work and the online knitting community help me to feel less alone.

As my list of chronic conditions increases it's nice to have something I can do despite my illnesses. Even if somedays the fatigue and/or pain is too much, I might still do a row or look at a crafting magazine, it's good to have something to occupy my mind between naps.

I love love love colour and using bright hand dyed soft yarns helps lift my mood and sooth my anxiety for a little while. I am a self confessed yarn addict and proud!

Yarn craft is for anyone and everyone of any age or sex and I cannot advocate enough for its health benefits. 👍🏻🧶

#DistractMe #Crohns #Ileostomy #Fibromyalgia #InterstitialCystitis #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicPain #Anxiety #knitting #distractiontactics #chronicwound


Tired of struggling ##CrohnsFlare ##CrohnsDisease

I'm sick of always feeling like I'm the negative person and taking positivity away from people when I'm honest about how I'm feeling.
I was lucky and was diagnosed early with Crohn's Disease so my damage is less and my condition is milder than most. It makes me feel like I don't have the right to complain when I'm finding things difficult...but I am right now.
I had a sinus infection and after running a fever (twice) I caved and had the covid test (ouch!) so I could see a GP and get it treated. He gave me antibiotics that worked really well...but made me really sick so I stopped after one course.
Unfortunately it sent me into a Crohn's flare
I'm lucky that currently I can work from home but it left me too sick to even work from home.
I hear about other people's Crohn's flares and know how sick it makes them. Me, well everything goes through me and it makes so nauseous I honestly think throwing up might help me feel better, but my body just won't.
I feel lonely because I can't talk about it, alone since I don't leave the house, just plain depressed since I keep feeling awful and like I'm letting everyone down because I'm currently not able to support them personally/professionally.


#CrohnsDisease 27 years and still no relief. What helps you?

I first got sick in 1992 when my first born was 10 months old. I thought I was dying, literally. Rapid weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, pain. Severe colon pain, and living in the bathroom. over the years I've been up to 44 pills a day. That was 20 years ago. I quit all of it. immune suppressants included.
all these years later I only treat my crohn's with medical marijuana (legal here) and prendisone when I flair up, like right now.
the only pharmaceutical drugs I take are for my depression, anxiety, p.t.s.d....
thanks to crohn's.
So what helps you? my crohn's is only in my colon. I've refused surgeries. Doctors dont like me.
#CrohnsFlare #SystemicCrohnsDisease #CrohnsDisease

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Really struggling lately

I was diagnosed at the end of August with Crohn’s disease. Since then I have had two surgeries to remove a rectal abscess. I feel so helpless because my doctor says that I can’t start on the biologics until my abscess is completely healed but the abscess won’t heal because I’m in the middle of a flare😭 There is literally nothing I can do and I feel so sick all the time. I feel like I’m falling behind in school and letting my friends down. The hardest part of all this is the fact that I saw my mom cry. I keep trying to tell myself that others have it worse and I should be grateful I have such an amazing support system with my family and my friends who care enough to dessert and listen to me. It’s not working. I’m so frustrated with my body. I just want to live my normal life again. I’m having such a hard time accepting that my normal will never actually be “normal.” Someone tell me I’m not alone in this. #Crohns #CrohnsFlare #ChronicIllness

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