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    Introducing Me

    Hi, strangers!

    Throughout the pandemic and any other time life becomes too hard to untangle, I've found myself drawn to writing, blogging, creating, and putting pen to paper. It helps me make sense of the million tabs in my brain, or at least throw them out into the universe so that someone, somewhere, with similar "browser history" might feel moderately less alone. Because sometimes that's all we need: a hint of hope, you know?

    I've been noncommittal with my personal blog recently and am having trouble with consistency as I wade through some recent grief, chronic/rare disease, mystery allergic reactions, and a lovely bouquet of mental health struggles... but despite that, I think it's worth making an attempt to jot down my thoughts every now and again. I love poetry. I love language in general -- in fact, I was a Spanish translator before Idiopathic Hypersomnia & medical debt inspired me to step back from corporate burnout. I now am self-employed as an artist & calligrapher. I love raising awareness for mental health & teaching people about self-care more than anything! It was a concept that wasn't introduced to me until I ended up in intensive eating disorder treatment back in 2012. I don't think ANYONE should have to hit rock bottom before learning to love themselves, so I've made it my mission (when my health cooperates) to make the lessons I learned about self-care ACCESSIBLE to more people.

    I look forward to meeting some fellow recovery warriors, survivors, spoonies, self-taught entrepreneurs, and fellow fighters trying to find some way to shine our light gently despite the chaos around us. xo

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    what are the chances of epilepsy affecting my future success given that i've lower interest for education


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    Joining #52SmallThings

    My #52SmallThings , for 2019 : Starting all those dreams I mentally stored in my head, but never acted upon because of my health. No more. Its time for me to shine: 1) start that new business; 2) get that other business off the ground; 3) start my business blog/social media group; 4) start creating again - sewing, crochet, art journaling, resin/jewelry making.
    #52SmallThings #Entrepreneurship p