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URGENT: Need inputs from psychologists/psychiatrists/writers

I'm writing a feature for a college assignment on how writers are more prone to mood disorders than most people and would love insights from psychologists, psychiatrists and writers (with mood disorders). I have prepared a set of questions for each. So, please reach out in case you're interested to help. This is super urgent!! You can also reach out to me on Instagram @pihunoxious. #MoodDisorders #BipolarDisorder #Writers  #psychologists  #Psychiatrists  #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD  #help 

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Introducing Me

Hi, strangers!

Throughout the pandemic and any other time life becomes too hard to untangle, I've found myself drawn to writing, blogging, creating, and putting pen to paper. It helps me make sense of the million tabs in my brain, or at least throw them out into the universe so that someone, somewhere, with similar "browser history" might feel moderately less alone. Because sometimes that's all we need: a hint of hope, you know?

I've been noncommittal with my personal blog recently and am having trouble with consistency as I wade through some recent grief, chronic/rare disease, mystery allergic reactions, and a lovely bouquet of mental health struggles... but despite that, I think it's worth making an attempt to jot down my thoughts every now and again. I love poetry. I love language in general -- in fact, I was a Spanish translator before Idiopathic Hypersomnia & medical debt inspired me to step back from corporate burnout. I now am self-employed as an artist & calligrapher. I love raising awareness for mental health & teaching people about self-care more than anything! It was a concept that wasn't introduced to me until I ended up in intensive eating disorder treatment back in 2012. I don't think ANYONE should have to hit rock bottom before learning to love themselves, so I've made it my mission (when my health cooperates) to make the lessons I learned about self-care ACCESSIBLE to more people.

I look forward to meeting some fellow recovery warriors, survivors, spoonies, self-taught entrepreneurs, and fellow fighters trying to find some way to shine our light gently despite the chaos around us. xo

#ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #introduction #MightyTogether #TheMighty #selfcare #EDrecovery #mentalhealthadvocate #RareDisease #Hypersomnia #Entrepreneurship #Selflove #Healing #Allergies #journalcommunity #Writers

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ghosts II #BulimiaNervosa #EatingDisorders

Maria had a stuffed bear full of change perched high on her pillows, and Erin had been scrounging in its belly for change when Maria surprised her by coming home to find her sitting on her bed, Erin’s hand deep in its fake fur.

“What are you doing?”

It was a relationship ender, even though Maria was a psych major and purported to understand. Erin moved back home at the end of the year. She couldn’t even remember that incident for the longest time.
Of course she’d long ago paid Maria back, but she was sure that that story was lodged in the minds of many of her former classmates. Erin Smith, a thief. Just one of the many deep humiliations of her illness, but it was one she was sure had not been forgiven. Maria had married a quiet, kind man she worked with, and they’d had a daughter, not as old as Martin but older than Pete. They had arranged a playdate or two with the children, but it hadn’t worked out. Julia was a mild and well-mannered child, very likely to be run over in the ferocity of Erin’s sons’ play. Soon enough, Erin and Maria, when they met, had lunch together without including the children, and the lunches tended to happen less and less frequently.

Erin told herself that she was being paranoid about Maria’s motives for continuing their relationship. Most people have friends from high school, don’t they? Maria was perhaps the one person who could qualify for Erin, since she’d gone to her reunion and had failed to connect. There were a few people she liked moderately, but not enough to do more than sustain social media “friendships.”

She wondered what they thought was going to become of her, if they ever stopped to give it a thought. She had dreams for herself, but she doubted that when Maria did her annual check in it was to see whether Erin’s dreams had materialized in any way. It felt as though she wanted to see how far Erin had fallen this year. Where had her relationships with men taken her? How despondent had she become about Martin’s mental health? Maria’s interest never felt like a healthy one, especially since it always came with those reminders that she would be seeing people from Erin’s past, and that, no, Erin was not invited to see them.

At first, Erin ha d been naïve and had assumed that when Maria mentioned parties with people from high school, she meant to include Erin in the future. She even asked whether she could come sometime.
Maria just got a confused look on her face. “Oh no. I don’t think so,” she said.

After that, Erin had assumed that she would stop mentioning going to these parties. Like your mother teaches you when you’re a little kid, don’t talk to the girl or boy who’s not invited about the party you’re going to. But somehow, that message had never gotten through to Maria, or perhaps this was her revenge on Erin for all of the things that Erin had gotten wrong over the years.
End of Part 2 #Writers

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I have read hundreds of books so far. But I'm still not acquainted with any famous writer's work. I feel more attracted to reading cheap novels, mediocre poetry, average authors' writings - well, except from Stephen King but that was pure coincidence- and I feel I'm bound to remain between that average line. Perfectionism gallops instantly in my mind when I get to write everyday and it leaves me wheaning and feeling frenzy. Many times perfectionism prevents me from getting past the first few lines. #Writers #Anxiety


Inspiration where do you live? I can’t identify

The complex articulation of thought. Deep contemplations - ability to decipher the code of the soul. It is voice painted with precision, close attention to detail and curation. Between the moments to gather - starting a new piece can be daunting, being beckoned to create but unsure of where to begin. An innate knowing of endless information, perceptions, experiences and lessons but why is it so hard to get the first words on the page? Waiting for the most opportune time - as if the moment when you know you have to write is not enough of a force to get you going. What are you waiting for? Each passing moment, ticking away..the thoughts and ideas will not be the same in seconds, minutes, and days from now - they will never be the same. Is it fear? Fear of not formulating it exactly how you’d like? Not expressive enough, not the right context, not enough time for true reflection? True expression. #Writers #BipolarDisorder #Recovery #warrior