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It makes sense!

Almost everyday I have trouble sleeping unless I take a medicine for #Insomnia . Trying to find the #balance has really been a struggle. There are times where I do not want to go to sleep at night because I feel like sleeping is wasting precious awake time of life. Then there are times where all I would want to do is just #Sleep . I feel bad sometimes...

I miss my Dad a whole lot. Him not being here has been very difficult. Therefore this picture makes me laugh, but it also kind of makes me think deeply about the nights where I struggle to sleep and the mornings that I struggle to wake up. Then there are times where I struggle just to make it through the day. However, I think that I am doing much better than I was before.

I lost my job when I became physically ill with the flu on the 14th of April. I am currently looking for another job and I have had two interviews, and one more tomorrow to attend. I am hoping that this will be the right fit. Maybe I can sleep much better at night once I have something else other than the 4 walls, waking up and coughing, and then occasionally crying at night unable to sleep.

#Findingjoy #Depression #BipolarDisorder #ANewDay


" Give yourself grace." #TheMighty #Depression

Today, give yourself grace. So often we extend grace and kindness to others and judge ourselves so harshly. See yourself with eyes that love, that are proud, that are kind. You have done many wonderful things. You show up, you give, you love, you try. So now, instead of seeing all that is left to finish or all the stumbles, see the good. You are enough. ❤️



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I've had long hair as long as I can remember. And even when I did cut my hair short, I always knew I'd grow it out again.

With all my health stuff, maintaining my hair has been difficult. I simply hurt too much to care for my hair the way I want to sooo.... I cut it! Only with the knowledge that *this time * it would probably stay short.

At first I was really sad. It felt like I was giving in or accepting defeat, when I realised this isn't a surrender to my symptoms, this is me fighting back!

I REFUSE to feel beaten down by MS or Fibro and I WILL be grateful for the life I've been given. I WILL actively look for beauty in the people and world around me.

Today I CHOOSE joy. ❤️

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis #Undiagnosed #changes #Findingjoy #Joy #ReleasingExpectations


Where I find strength..... #grateful

Where there is sorrow there is joy. When I start to feel sad I start to think of Every little joy I have until it overcomes my sorrow. One joy at a time. #Findingjoy

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