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#here we go again....

Had a doctors appointment yesterday, changing meds again because what I’m taking has stopped working. She suggested I add a magnesium supplement as a preventative for migraine. Has anyone tried this? If so what have been your results? Thanks!

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Bushkin is #here and I am trying very hard to do an online

Food order because I rely very much on Apple and I have only ever been able to order once or twice online vs calling in the orders 😂🙏🐕‍🦺 Was able to get a few items into a cyber cart and I started to look for different food items and got lost from the place I was ordering from 😂😂🥺🥺
I have gotten this far with a company that I order from but I have never been able to master how to check out . Close to the start of lockdown I thought I had correctly ordered fruit from a very very good company but when I heard nothing from the company I called them and they said that nothing had gone
through so I ordered from my phone and the fruit ended up at my post office rotting and since the company knows I have ordered a lot of truffles for my now deceased aunt and for friends many over the years they sent me the fresh fruit and all OKAY My issues are I am not good with even the iPad Pro and am feeling angry for not learning how to order online 😂♥️🐕‍🦺🍁🍁🥺😂✈️✈️

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Too many words and no words

It’s like I have 2 sides. Completely broken and the other living life to the full. I’m not sure how it’s possible but I definitely feel both at the same time more than I would like to. Actually I’d rather never feel broken at all. It’s the happy side which is keeping me going. If it wasn’t there I’d be completely lost for sure and not give a damn about anything. But still I’m so tired of this constant battle with myself. My biggest fear is that one day I will stop fighting and let the broken side win #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Still #here

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😢 #single mom #here we go again 😢

#ChronicIllness I need to vent,I recently tried dating someone and we got kinda serious but after 9mths we mutually agreed that he didn't have it in him to support me and my kids and he had already raised his step kids and didn't want to do it again.I have 2girls aged 8,9and my son's are yrs and 19years but my almost 18 yr old doesn't live full time. Oh was with the girls Dad for 10years and separated because he was just lost interest and wanted out. So here here I am I have fibro, and chronic anemia i suffer greatly from Neuro -fatigue lack of oxygen due to low hemoglobin levels for 16years I have been getting iron transfusion 's every few months but the last few years there's been shortage and "I'm not a priority" so just take a variety of different types of iron pills\drinks but my level is sooo low it barely makes a difference,just recently I learned from my pharmacist that it could be a hormone imbalance that may be causing my periods to be deathly heavy!! And because I have no iron stores I don't have "extra" to lose , but never once did my doctor mention this!!!!! And I'm trying to come to terms that I'll be probably single mom for a while because I would need superman himself to be able to handle my life,cooking ,cleaning,looking after my kids and the house on the many days that I'm too sick to do it myself and I have no family help the girls Dad takes them every other weekend but it's still a lot to ask of someone,I mean would you want to be someone's caregiver? And not to mention sex is almost non existent because I can't breathe and it's extremely painful for days after ,I'm feeling hopeless and bleak 😥💔😰

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How you doin? #CheckInWithMe #MightyMoms #MightyDads #MightyTogether

Let me know how you’re doing! I don’t know your situation. I don’t know you’re story. I know I’ve been where some of you are; I know things #change I know #Anxiety & #Depression . I knew #SuicidalIdeation. 🌸🌸🌸 I know I'm still #here & I'll #Iisten !!
#Overcomer #Blessed


#here 's a pair of my shoes

#if one person that did not have EDS Type 3 had walk in my shoes, they wouldn't make it.


#here 's to New Beginnings 2019!!


Today I'm going to allow myself to dream about the life I really want. And believe that I deserve a new beginning. For three and a half years I've been dreaming about, thinking about, planning and preparing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to pursue the "new" life that I really want. First, it has been working on believing that I deserve to be happy and that it matters what I want. After all, it IS my life! After my rape, my PTSD causes me to constantly look over my shoulder and scan crowds or anywhere theres a lot of people I dont know. I can never just relax. Im always on high alert. Ive had a lot of people tell me that if I move, I'm running away. To me, I've thought a lot about this and have been working on things in counseling. I feel I'm not running away, I'm running towards something. But my OCD, anxiety and depression cause me to overthink everything! My plan is to move from Minnesota (which is where I've grown up and have never really liked) to New York. At 54, I've given a lot of thought to every aspect of my life and what I really want. In therapy working through fears and insecurities. The fear that I'll move and I'll still never have anyone. That my mental and physical health will always get in the way of my happiness and what I really want. For 18 years, I've been told that I should never be in a relationship until I have completely "fixed" my depression and anxiety. I used to believe that. I believed what Doctors, friends and Pastors told me. Because what do I know, I was the one who was "messed up", right?! How far I've come in my thinking. Not that I dont digress. I have a lot of decisions to make, which can be very difficult for me, when depressed, afraid and anxious. I'm so afraid of failing, my OCD causes me to obsessively think about it, until I get really depressed. To the point where I can't get out of bed, cant shower and truthfully, at times become suicdal. Mostly, because I "can't" have the life I want. So today, my small thing is to allow myself to dream about what I want my life to look like. And to dream about the possibilities and about all the things, that might just go right!!
#accomplishingdreams #PTSD
#OCD #aces #livingyourlife
#Depression . #Anxiety
#ideserveit #onesmallstep
#fightingthefear . #conqueringlife