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Sorry I’ve been mia for awhile but I’m still here!!… at home… in my sweatpants…. 😝

I hope everyone is doing okay. I know how rough the holidays can be. Just know I’m thinking of you all and lifting you up in spirit!! ❤️


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recluse needs help understanding newly social anxiety

I use to be a super social light. Loved going out with friends and parties, always had jobs that made me social (waitress, makeup artist, door to door sales etc). About 3 1/2 years ago I started going recluse (stay at home mom) just not going out like that. Now 1 1/2 years I’m a staying home and pretty much only leave the house for grocery shopping , maybe slight shopping here and there , or to my sons therapy (almost 4 year old boy). I use to be nervous of people judging me but not I freeze up. Like I can talk to the cashier fine lol but I get super overwhelmed, now I dread going to the grocery store I try to get everything so I can post pone going again for a while (1 week). I’m not sure why I feel this way. My house is super calming to me , I feel safe and it’s like a constant big hug or wearing your favorite hoodie. I’m 25 in a week and pretty much if I wake up and know I have to leave my house that day to do something I just dread it. I’ll try to find a way to push it off another day or finding if it’s really a priority etc. anyone else go from being social and not caring to literally just feeling like staying home all the time ? #aniexty #BPD #SocialAnxiety #Recluse #Homebody #GettingHelp


Ignoring my life. #MentalHealth

I can literally feel in my brain that I am ignoring my life. I feel like I am in a weird movie or something and I’m watching the world pass and move around but I’m stuck and I’m stagnant, both not knowing how to move BUT! Also not wanting to move because I’m comfortable there. I have to move out of my house soon, and find a job, and bascially return to reality. I haven’t worked in nearly a year and I have been a super home body for nearly a year. So I’m terrified. I have tried explaining this to my therapist, but she just gives me advice on how to get back out there. But what I feel like I need is a cuddle from someone who actually knows how this feels to just watch the world spin around you, and be so content of ignoring it that you end up just ignoring life. #MentalHealth #Life #anxeity #Homebody


#Homebody is okay with lockdown

With all the uncertainty of the the times we are all currently living through I wanted to share my thoughts on all of this. Let me say this; they say I'm at risk but it's only because I'm over 65; I have no underlying health issue. Fibro doesn't count on this case, y'all. I'm not feeling pressed upon because I can't go places, who cares? I'm the queen of my Castle... I'd rather be in my own home than running all over town with the rest of y'all any way, no offense. I have everything I could ever want right here at home. I have learned to be content in all circumstances... Something the Apostle Paul teaches in the Holy Scripture.  
Another thing I've learned from living as long as I have is, "this too shall pass;" no matter what we will not always be going at this pace and in the end we will survive. People in this country have lived through far worse than this. We will too.
Read a book, take a walk, play with your children, or pets if you have them, listen to music; perhaps something new... Take advantage of this forced time home. Practice compassion for others and yourself. We are in this together.
Much love, Victoria❤️

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what are some good hobbies for when your chronic illness keeps you in?

I’m currently out of a job, just had to move back home, and most days I’m feeling too bad to go out. what do you guys do to pass the time when you can’t go out? #ChronicIllness #Homebody #ChronicPain #Spoonie


Traveling Homebody

I’m a 24 year old who hates being away from home. I’m going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate a best friend’s 30th birthday. I’m happy to be celebrating her but I hate the fact that I have to travel to do it. It’s extremely frustrating having conflicting feeling like this all the time. #Anxiety #Homebody