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° " Deep Thought's And No Sleep At All Anymore.. " ° #Insomniac #chronic Pain #Arthritis

° " Sooo Idk Why People Alway's Assume That I'm Going To Alway's Come In On My Very Few Day's Off ??? UM NO!! They Keep Getting Mad At Me For Keeping My Phone Off Or Not Answering Text's... Well Hello It's My Day Off.. I Don't Understand The Mentality Of These People Like I'm Just Supposed To Just Drop Everything For Them... Just Because They Can't Handle Customer's At All... Or Bother To Keep Thing's Clean And In Order... I'm Trying To Have A Life Outside Of My Job.. And Working On My ♿.. But These People Don't Want To Understand And Just Assume That I Don't Want To Help... I Do Help All The Time... And I Don't Get Anything For It. Not Even A Thank You! But Want To Abuse My Kindness And Not See That I'm Disabled At All... This Job Is Depressing And Draining..." ° Sincerely, •●○ Skaoi Kvitravn ○●• #Thought 's

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Christmas is Ending

The #Holidayseason is coming to a close. But a new #Season is coming! ❄️☃️🌬️🌨️ While many places are covered in snow, Florida was covered with chilly weather and frost.

Today is a lot warmer than it was days before, but by Friday it will be 80°. We had weather in the 30's and 40's which is extremely cold for Florida. We have had to cover previous plants and other vegetations too.

It's scary but I am purely knowledgeable when it comes to how Florida always tries to fight to stay warm. I wonder about things going on with weather and #globalwarming and how things relate to my #MentalHealth .

I am looking forward to #2023 because I know that it is one month closer to my birthday month. I tend to celebrate Mardi Gras and my Birthday all together because my birthday is in February. Mardi Gras at Universal begins in February and usually lasts about 2 months. They have parades and dancing and beads and foods. It's a Family Friendly event. That's why I like it.

Christmas this year was a little different. Have you ever experienced the idea of having #holidayexpectations that were just unrealistic? We do not live in a lifetime movie. This year, I had very little of that, and instead just had a good time.

How about you? #howareyou ?


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Struggling to be validated by Drs & feeling SO fed up. Chronic, rare Autoimmune Symptoms; I know it's Behcets. Looking for specialist in CA, US.

Short run down. Chronic strep throat as child. Tonsils removed. Allergic to strain of strep in 6th grade...almost killed me. Never regained "normal" health. On and off horrid joint pain, pain in eyes, multiple Derm diagnoses, chronic inflammation, chronic insomnia, asthma, then Arthritis, Bursitis, Depression, Anxiety, lost weight then gained over & over, pregnancy very painful and high risk. Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Anemia. Got pregnant again & was even worse. Thankful for 2 healthy kids, but Momma is not healthy. I'm 47 now. Labeled with Fibromyalgia but no treatment. Need to be back on pain meds but bc I stopped (MY choice), years ago Drs don't want me back on them. I have done so much research and I KNOW I have Behçet's Disease. Looking for somewhere to go in the US for the validation & proper treatment. 20+ years of struggling invisibly (until huge sores all over neck & head in May 2022). Currently on evil Prednisone, Colchicine, Mobic. Rheumatologist taking too long to have me jump through all of her hoops. Any advice appreciated 💜
#BehcetsDisease #MomGuilt #ChronicDepression #chronicinflammation #Insomniac #Anxiety #Arthritis #Divorce #PTSD

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Insomnia nights #Insomniac #Insomnia

I have been trying to fall asleep since 1am. It is now 2:15am. My brain just won’t shut up tonight. And I have to get up for work in a few hours. So annoying. Make it stop.

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Encouragement Rocks

I keep rocks with me places I go, and leave them for whomever may need them.

This one though, I keep for myself in my car. ..

Right now I am posting because I cannot sleep . Again. .. :( #imtired
#Insomniac #anxeity #Borderline Bipolar depression


WHAT is insomnia?Im in a stage IV cancer.I rarely sleep more than three hours , in the quiet if the night that’s when my memories of when I used to hike the trails around Lake Tahoe, or when I could
Work, meeting children that needed help and guidance, I wake up missing my old life. Usually it’s the pain at night in my bones that does nothing to allow for me sleep.
My Doctor has my Insomnia listed as A Mental Disorder. Is it? Or is it a side effect of chronic pain from metestatic breast cancer? #painwarrior #MetastaticBreastCancer # #Insomniac #I need sleep 😴

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#Insomniac #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #Depression

Anyone else stay up after every one goes to bed, savoring the quiet and alone time, but dreading going to sleep because you’re dreading a new day? This insomnia is making me nuts!


How do you talk your way off of the ledge..

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months (I'm also bipolar), ever since we we've been together I've been on this manic high. Well, like every high episode comes the low episode which is harder than anything to function with. Unfortunately, it was his birthday this weekend & I wanted to do what girlfriends do & be with him. Inorder for me to stop having panic attacks I drank a lil to much & I didn't make it look good on him because I disappeared to go throw up & never came back out, I passed out. I've told him how sorry I am & yeah, I did fuck up. I now know that he will never understand what this disease does to you because he kept on with the same thing over & over again. I don't think we are or will be together anymore. This really fucked with my psyche. I guess I'm meant to be by myself. He was the 1st man I had been with since my ex husband in 2016. Am I not worthy to have someone love me & understand that this disease is not easy on anybody especially the person that has to deals & tries to conquer every demon everyday??

I'm so heartbroken....

#MentalIllness #Bipolar #BipolarDisoder #Manic #depressive #PTSD #SocialAnxiety #Insomnia #Insomniac #highs #Lows #Disease #chronicmentalillness


Acting out my “dreams”

Why am I the narrator of my dreams ? I talk and move and kick and yell .... my dreams and I’m exhausted when I wake . I wake myself up

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