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    I suffer from severe hyperacusis and am working to raise awareness and advocacy towards a cure and recognition. Still trying to figure this site out, but I'm glad it's here.


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    Hi I'm new here. I'm a musician, book lover, animal lover, etc. I'm also #Autistic visually impaired, and have #Hyperacusis looking forwarded to meeting people.

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    Handling pain #Hyperacusis #Migraine

    What are your tips on handling pain? I have nerve damage in my ear causing severe hyperacusis and it means when I have too much noise I get poor motor control (exacerbated by my #Hypermobility ), migraines (with auras and tinnitus) and debilitating fatigue. I just want to feel normal and am sick of being told it’s my anxiety

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    Does anyone have experience with Tranquil II sound generators? One of them is only going up to half volume.

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    Bad appointment with the ENT

    I am so sad and frustrated by the way the doctor spoke to me today. I don't know why he was so dismissive and rude.  He offered me nothing for my hyperacusis and tinnitus except "wear ear plugs and change your lifestyle i.e. don't go to concerts, restaurants etc. (which I haven't done in years).  As if avoidance and isolation help.  I think he thought I was mentally ill.  I know about TRT but can't afford it.  So depressed and discouraged.

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