Dark Eyes
Set upon a twisted face
Of someone I once knew
A love and my best friend
Now the smirk creeps in
Like the invisible dark fog
That is as thick as your dark hair
A pause, Then
“That gives me an idea though”
A violent attack
So unlike you
But I’ve seen those dark eyes
Mad, animalistic, hungry
Once before
Which was more than enough
I had cast it out and you fell on the floor
But now I am screaming
“What are you doing”
I’m frantically dialing
Behind your back
As you forced me down onto mine
And frenically tear at my pant’s ties
Operator on speaker
To me, an angel’s voice
To you, exposure
You hop off me and scream
Hurl chocolate pudding at me
And like blood, it splatters all over the floor,
The walls,
Once our home
You tried to steal my power
The rights of ME
You tried and you failed
But even if you had succeeded
You’d still have failed
You can’t take real power
By being a coward
Of your own internal disgrace