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Intermittent Explosive Disorder
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Living with a boyfriend with intermittent explosive disorder. #Trauma #PTSD

Is there anyone out there having trouble being with a partner that has this disorder? It’s been really difficult lately. I need some help. #IntermittentExplosiveDisorder


Boyfriend with Intermittent Explosive Disorder

#IntermittentExplosiveDisorder I’m having a really hard time living with my boyfriend who has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Does anyone know someone or live with someone with IED?


Family Member

My therapist had sessions with my 18-year old niece. She believes my niece has BPD and IED. The family is trying to cope with this. Does anyone know of any resources to help a family member cope? I have major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD and ADHD so coping is hard for me as it is. If anyone has any info or ideas for coping, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!

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#momma #Anxiety bpd #Bipolar #Manic #Stress #Life #ME

The strongest/weakest person you'll ever met. My heart wants to be free while my mind has me locked in a cage. My borderline personality wants to punish me. Fear of abandonment makes me panic. Sometimes I even isolate the mother in me. A chemical imbalance I can't explain. Depression doesn't like to play, so sometimes my kids have to pay. Anxiety pushes everyone away. So disconnected from the inner me, delirious from lack of sleep I'll go days forgetting to eat. The blood reminds me it's real, protecting my scars from all to see! One day the cut will be to deep. Emotions I can't control, angry out bust bring me peace. God I'm begging you help me find peace. So hear I am you're presence I seek, laying my mental illness at your feet! I don't want you to bare them as your own, I'm not wishing them on someone else!! I'm simply asking for your help. Today is bright an who knows I could get lucky and see the sunshine the next week or two, but when that light starts to fade be with me!! Theses demons are evil... insecurities they seek, mental illness has become the prey!! Satan get stronger with every soul he claims! Be with me when living and dying look the same! Wrap your arms around me because most days in the dark I feel safe.

*Borderline personality
*intermittent explosive disorder
*Panic attack

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Three Interesting things #Anxiety #Depression

A group I am in on Facebook asked everyone what is three interesting things about yourself.

What are three interesting things about you?

As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD as the reason for my anger outburts. At 18 found out I have Intermittent Explosive Disorder which was the cause of my outbursts and lack of memory of outbursts.
My brother and I are oldest grandkids on both sides of the family. Our next oldest cousin is a month younger than me born to my mom's sister who is just under 10 years younger than my mom.
I have a good sense of style and have since I was child. I never dressed myself with mismatched colours and always picked clothes that matched my colouring.



I wonder if anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar remember the symptoms they had as a teen
My son had a stoke in uteri and has learning disabilities but his anger has become untenable. He’s violent and aggressive but then do kind and sweet snd apologetic.
We’ve heard sometimes having intermittent explosive disorder as a teen is what bipolar looks like in a teen. He’s 18 now snd we just don’t know how to help him.
I’d love to hear from you all.
Be well!

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I often start 🔥's I don't mean to

I react so poorly and often times to the person who doesn't deserve it. I'm so sad. The regret that comes after. Is nearly unbearable. I don't think anyone who hates me realizes they could never hate me as much as I do myself and that I don't think get enough hate. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #IntermittentExplosiveDisorder

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