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"We also really need to feel responsible for each other.”

Activist Judy Heumann said, “We understand the barriers people face based on disability, on race, on gender, on sexual orientation, and religion and see that these barriers are not only adversely affecting an individual in a community but really adversely affecting society overall.”

Vaccines for all. Access for all. Med care for all. Love and support for all.
#MightyTogether #Intersectionality #Disability #MultipleSclerosis

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Recently I've been feeling some rage. I have realised that many, many people have not had to fight for their safety like I have. I have had to fight for my safety in pretty much every area of my life - at home, family, work, the bedroom, friends. I've faced abuse and discrimination, mostly because of my sexuality and disability. This has had a huge impact on my sense of safety and optimism that strangers will be nice, which has an impact on the decisions I make in life generally. I'm irrationally angry that I've had these experiences and other people get to not live with PTSD type of fear. Other people can't relate and don't care. I have had to put SO MUCH work in to learning self love and therapy and all that, a HUGE amount of my time and energy has gone into that, and the abusers and bigots don't do any of that. Think what I could have done with that time and energy if I didn't have to spend it healing my wounds.
My rage also feels like passion and love - I know the anger is showing me what's important. I don't know what to do with it yet. I would like to know if anyone else feels the same way as I do.


I really love coming on here and reading some harmful bullshit against trans people like I didn't just delete all my social media to get away from that bullshit. Fuck you I can be trans AND gay or bisexual or queer #Transgender #Transphobia #Intersectionality #queer


Interested in contributing thoughts on the inclusion of disabled folks in intersectional feminism? #shareyourstory #Feminism  #Intersectionality

I am currently working on writing an article for the feminist magazine, Fembot. It is about how intersectional feminism can work harder to include people with disabilities, and to ally for rights, acceptance, and programs that can help people with disabilities. I would love to hear stories from or interview anyone who either lives with a disability, or cares for someone with a disability, on how society treats you, what needs to improve, and whether you feel heard and validated. Thank you.

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Are there any intersectional folx on here? I’m autistic, non-binary trans, indigenous, have fibro, PCOS, CPTSD, GAD, depression, OCD, and avoidant personality tendencies. Finding intersectional community can be difficult and I’d love to connect with folx.

Please comment only if you’re someone with intersectional identities. Reacts welcome from everyone. #Intersectionality #Transgender #nonbinary #CPTSD #Fibromyalgia #PCOS #GAD #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Autistic