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Loosing my mind #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Bipolar #Irrationalthoughts #FearOfAbandonment

Broke out in a fit of rage with my boyfriend today and it escalated into a mental break down for me. I was crying and shaking and mad and scared. I was crying and yelling to myself once he left. I feel like a failure 😣


Dazed and Confused

Lately, I’ve been in this period of feeling confused about myself, my values, and my relationships with people. I’ve come to realize that for a long time there was always a push and pull between me and the world. I don’t love loudly- I’m quite reserved, so I’ve often admired many from afar or I’ve admired privately between myself and the other person. But after a while, I become distant and aloof, not out of contempt, but I feel I need to leave for a while. I feel bad that I do this, but something inside me tells me that I have to do it. On the other side of the coin, it hurts me a lot when someone leaves. If I don’t see them for one day, not only do I feel deeply hurt, but angry. Then I’ll see them again and turn around and forgive because I don’t want them to leave me the way that they did again. But I’ve often wondered why I even bother sometimes. Even though my fears aren’t rational in any way, feeling confused and conflicted are how I feel when I actually think things over. If I had the perfect language to pit all of my thoughts into words, I could write a whole book about it. In the end, I wish it was easy to express how I feel verbally, but I can’t. #MentalHealth #confused #feelingaloneandlost #Dazedandconfused #Thoughts #identitydisturbance #FearOfAbandonment #abandonmentissues #Irrationalthoughts #hurt #anger #dontleaveme


What do you do when your anxiety is spiraling ?

What do you do when your anxiety is spiraling out of control? Lately my mind won’t stop racing. Irrational thoughts and fears feel like they are taking control over me. I am 27 years old but i don’t feel like an adult and the thought of being an adult, and eventually losing my mother has been driving me crazy. Her and I are very close and over the past 2 years I have started giving myself panic attacks just over the thought of losing her, the only person who has ever really understood and accepted me. Is there specific therapy for this? Specific coping mechanisms? #Anxiety #Irrationalthoughts #FearOfAbandonment


Paranoia PS I’m new to this app. #Anxiety #Bipolar1Disorder #PTSD #Irrationalthoughts #Klonopin

I recently tried stopping my anti-anxiety med (Klonopin) cold turkey. I went three days without it and all my paranoid and anxious thoughts began to sweep over me. I couldn’t tell what were irrational and what were rational thoughts. I kept on thinking my fiancé was cheating on my with my best friend. Though I never thought that before when I was on my meds so I had to realize that this was an irrational thought. I plan on weening off but I’m afraid of the waves of anxiety and paranoia that will wash over me if I do. Also, I’m in my second year as a graduate student and don’t want my anxiety to get in the way. When is a good time to stop taking anxiety meds? Anyone else experience irrational thoughts such as the one I had?

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Having my blood drawn tomorrow. I don't like having to fast beforehand but it's required. I feel like I need to eat for my body to handle the blood loss which is only 3-4 viles. But my hypersensitive brain views it as too much blood. The needle or pain has never been the issue. The fear is fainting even though it has never happened before. Can anyone share this similar fear ??? #Anxiety #Irrationalthoughts



I had my second session of therapy yesterday. I always dread going but once I’m there I’m happy that I came and proud of myself for trying heal myself. My therapist is a very nice understanding professional lady and I’m glad to have her as my therapist, however I keep having these irrational thoughts that she really hates me and thinks I’m ugly and stupid and thinks all my problems are stupid and that she’s going to have me hauled off to a mental facility or something, now I know she doesn’t feel this or think any of this and I know she would never do that, I’ve just never been to therapy before and I’m letting my anxiety get to me. Anyone else think this and feel this way when they go to therapy? #Therapy #Anxiety #irrationalanxiety #Irrationalthoughts