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I am wondering the range of dosages people here have or have taken of #Klonopin ? Or, what’s the highest you’ve heard of or have a friend on?



Something new is happening in my brain. I don’t know if I like it. #Bipolar ?

Hi All,
I made my first post the other day and the community was so supportive and I am grateful. I’ve dealt with #MajorDepressiveDisorder most of my adult life and HEAVY #Anxiety over at least the last 8 years. Anxiety that can’t be treated really no matter how many #Klonopin I take. I recently had such an outlandish thought take over me completely that it scared me enough to wonder if something else was in play. I’ve had a lot of what are typical bipolar symptoms when I put it together now, but never considered the happiness I sometimes felt as anything different, only that I felt sad for people who obvs weren’t as happy as I was at that time. I’m the one who brought up #Bipolar2Disorder to my psychiatrist, who prescribed topamax last Saturday. Is this enough time to notice any effects? I haven’t noticed any new or worsening depression (thank you LORD), I haven’t noticed any elation or happiness but there’s not too much to be happy about these days so I don’t think that’s a change. The main things I’m noticing are that my sleep is a bit disrupted (I also take ambien, lamictal, and klonopin at night which typically knock me out dead to the universe), I feel an outrageously heartbreaking sense of aloneness, and I feel like writing again, like I can’t get enough of it. My husband says I’m gaslighting myself and telling myself I have this when I don’t know if I even do. Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to relieve the aloneness I’m feeling. Does any of this sound like what anybody has gone through? I have LITERALLY no one to talk to AT ALL, and it sucks so bad. ❤️


#Klonopin problem doctor on vacation

#help . I ran out of my Klonopin. I called the pharmacy yesterday to see about a refill. My doctor had been really good about refilling it. Pharmacist said she would fax over request. Went to pick up pills today. Not there. Called doctors office. They are on vacation until next Monday. #what if I can’t get a refill until next week. I took my last one yesterday.


Anyone has ever taken off Klonopin ( 0,5 mg every morning) and has advices to how to do it without too much side effects?

#Klonopin #withdrawal

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Benzo Belly:The ugly truth #Klonopin

This is benzo belly, one of the worst symptoms of Klonopin withdrawal. I’m totally putting myself out there in hopes of helping someone, somewhere. After much study I have learned that Benzos work on gabba receptors and our guts are lined with them. Benzo belly- bloating, extension, pain, indigestion, constipation or loose stools etc- is caused by inflammation of said gabba receptors in our guts. In essence, the receptors are revolting, they want their gabba fix. It is extremely embarrassing and it has destroyed the little self esteem I had. Yes, it is as uncomfortable as it looks and no, I am not five months pregnant. Withdrawals are like being punished for trying to recover. It’s maddening. Thank goodness I found out what was going on. I was convinced I had endometriosis or ovarian cancer. When will I find relief? I am a 140 woman with an abnormally painful, bulbous belly, and it sucks.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #KlonopinSucks #TreatmentresistantDepression #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #withdrawals


the many ONE BAD DAYS

I feel as I get older my anxiety and challenges evolve. some days I feel energized and need no relief from cannabis or klonopin (I take one or the other depending on how severe my symptoms are that day) I prefer everything to be natural.
I was doing so good this past week, and today it hit me hard. I have left arm pain and chest pain, everytime I eat I get nauseous and feel like my throat is closing up. so I panic. My usual methods of trying to be calm didn't help me today. my brain was so overwhelmed and constantly making think I was for sure going to have a heart attack or stroke. I reluctantly wrote in my journal, and took a lavender bath, didn't go to work and layed down to meditate with the headspace app. The meditation made me sleepy and I'm sure I started to fall asleep while deep breathing. but unfortunately for me one of my ptsd triggers is being too relaxed. so I popped up with my heart racing out of this deep meditative state feeling worse. Ended uo taking a klonopin. I dont take them every day but I have been taking them more often than I use to. it went from once maybe twice a month to 1to 2 times a week. i need to find a way to get over that specific trigger of feeling relaxed. #PanicAttacks #Klonopin #PTSD #HealthAnxiety


Paranoia PS I’m new to this app. #Anxiety #Bipolar1Disorder #PTSD #Irrationalthoughts #Klonopin

I recently tried stopping my anti-anxiety med (Klonopin) cold turkey. I went three days without it and all my paranoid and anxious thoughts began to sweep over me. I couldn’t tell what were irrational and what were rational thoughts. I kept on thinking my fiancé was cheating on my with my best friend. Though I never thought that before when I was on my meds so I had to realize that this was an irrational thought. I plan on weening off but I’m afraid of the waves of anxiety and paranoia that will wash over me if I do. Also, I’m in my second year as a graduate student and don’t want my anxiety to get in the way. When is a good time to stop taking anxiety meds? Anyone else experience irrational thoughts such as the one I had?