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Changing the Face of Beauty Gives More Than Advertisement

I have a confession. I have only personally met two other mommas that have children with DS. I have met so many beautiful families, via IG, that share a similar journey as ours and I’m so thankful for that friendship! However, the need for a personal connection is vital!
Y’all are “my people”! I need you and you need me. It’s as simple as that. I couldn’t stop crying as I was getting ready this morning because I was afraid of my own emotions that may come out when I walked into our first @changingthefaceofbeauty photo shoot! I was about to be surrounded by more families like mine than I’ve ever been around and they didn’t even know it. I say this because our kids aren’t the only ones that need to see themselves in advertisements, dolls, and magazines. We as parents need to see ourselves in another face, another story, another testimony, over a cup of coffee, or even in a lingering hug.
We never know what another is feeling when we meet them or come into their presence. A simple gesture of love and acceptance is all someone may need.
I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many precious connections! To all my new friends I met today, you and your children are beautiful in so many ways and I’m honored that you are “my people”! .
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What Gives you JOY?

Hello! I hope everyone has a “happy” Saturday! Saying that, here is a thought to ponder...
There is so much talk about #Happiness and what makes one happy. “Happiness” is such a circumstantial emotion, don’t you think? 🧐
“I’m happy it’s Friday”, “I’m happy the food is here”, etc. Are we necessarily happy when our car breaks down or when we are “hangry”? 😩
No, of course not! God gave us DIFFERENT emotions for different circumstances! Even Christ wasn’t happy all the time. It’s ok to not be happy! It’s ok to grieve. It’s ok to be angry and hangry! 😉
It’s ok to be frustrated. It’s how one handles the emotion at hand that makes it right or wrong. ❤️
With that being said, JOY is something we can obtain and keep NO MATTER the circumstance! We can be joyful in any circumstance! What brings you JOY? .
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