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The Struggle .......... #MightyPoets

I know many people who have joined AA
Yet I never stepped foot in that door;
I struggle with other addictions besides
Still I leave myself open for more.

I love how others say my story inspires
Yet I feel like a fake and a fraud;
As I look in the mirror, whom there do I see?
That little girl still hurt and lost.

I wake up each day with the best of intent
Yet fear and doubt usually win;
I force myself to take a shower and dress
But that's where it seems to all end.

My thoughts run away and take me with them
To places I wish were unknown;
Emotions evoked send me spiraling once more
The feelings of which leave me numb.

Depression within is a constant battle
It's heaviness weighs on my chest;
I struggle to breathe or just utter a word
Til the fight leaves me wanting to rest.

Still I pick myself up from one day to the next
Vow somehow I will make it right;
Then self sabotage or draw into my shell
Avoid connection day and night.

I've come to accept that I'll never outrun
Those demons which lead me astray;
At least not until I can handle the truth
I'm the obstacle in my own way.
Until then I'll struggle, mind set on unrest
My heart left in want of the key;
For the power to heal lies in but a gesture
Let go and God will set you free.

By: Debra Brent

#Addiction #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #SuicideAwareness #EUPD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Poetry #poems #purposeinthepain #hurting #thestruggle #Recovery #Healing #Faith #Godislove #letgoandletgod #MentalHealth

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Let Go #letgoandletgod #Meditation #quitenthemind

Let go of what we think we are and become what we want to be. Quinten the mind meditation it helps believe me. #Meditation


This morning I woke up with an empty feeling. the same feeling I had felt the morning after my Dad passed away 6 years ago. Miscarriage is a hard thing, it's a loss no matter how far along you were. I don't do well with loss at all. I'm trying to understand God's plan for me and I know it's something I shouldn't question but when you lose a baby or anyone for that matter, you really start to wonder what He has in store for you. Maybe the timing wasn't right. Maybe God knew I needed to heal from past things and learn to cope better before I bring another life into this world. I have all these questions running through my head but in reality I need to really trust in Him and put my faith in his His hands. I'll be okay, in time. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Miscarriage #Healing #letgoandletgod #Anxiety

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