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Any tips for when it’s hard to sleep? Anxiety at bedtime?

I’m usually lucky 🍀 and sleep 😴 quite well but after a cold an hyper focus on my breathing 😮‍💨from a stuffy nose thankfully I’m over my cold now. But I still have that body protective thing I was doing where I was so focused on my breathing it’s a silly dumb anxiety thing but it’s like you forget to breathe and instead of doing it automatically you are doing it short ish sometimes focusing on the breath is said to calm you down in meditations spiritually but for me it’s the opposite. Any tips for getting to sleep, I’m trying to listen to calming music and affirmations but it’s not working as well as it usually would. I’m like half resting but conscious and if I sleep deeply like REM sleep it’s very little. Please help :( I feel so dumb and annoyed at myself. Sometimes even during the day I have that thing too like checking with myself with my breathing 😮‍💨 and it’s becoming an annoying new habit I just want to function normally and stop the silliness which I didn’t have this annoying thing until recently. It’s like yes my body is trying to protect me in its own way with anxiety but I don’t need this. #Anxiety #Breathing #dumb #Silly #Anxiety #shame #barriers #struggles #advice #themighty #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Support #help #Listener #Selfcompassion #feelingdumb #feelingsilly #Selfacceptance #confused #bodysymptoms #sensations #Hyperfocus #Meditation #tired #Insomnia

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Would you see a counsellor who’s in their early twenties?

Today I attended a workshop on a counselling course. You have to go to the workshop before you can apply for the course. I’ve wanted to be a counsellor for so long now, although I am on the course of working on my own anxiety and depression. The class was full of about 20 mainly older people who were more confident with talking in front of the rest of the group. I’m 23 this Saturday so know I’m a bit young, but feel that I have the right level of understanding and compassion to succeed. The teacher said people wouldn’t feel comfortable with a young person in their early twenties being their counsellor, which has just completely put me down. I feel like they won’t accept me for the course now because of my age? I know that age has no limit on understanding and compassion, but now my mind is questioning if this is right, would people trust me and want to share their problems with me if I am only 22? I would be qualified at the age of 25, but even then please can you shed some light on whether or not you would personally talk to someone my age? I’d really appreciate it! #Counseling #Therapy #Listener #self development #help