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Missing my soulmate. 19yrs together

I recently lost the love of my life. He was the most amazing person. Our relationship was the stuff of movies. He was truly a once in a lifetime type of person. He passed away on april 18. He had covid. I really don't know what im doing with my life. I don't see a point in being here at all. Not working cause I got let go on april 7 because of the pandemic. So I have nothing going for me at the moment. What is the point? #Grief #soulmate


How do you get over an ex? #Breakups #Lettinggo #soulmate #heartbreak #movingon

We were together for 5 years. It was a long distance relationship but we talked every night on skype. We would talk till we were almost asleep, say good night, and go to sleep. It became a routine. We would see each other every couple of months for an extended weekend if not longer. We took road trips together. He came and stayed with me for 6 months. He became part of my family. I bought a house that was going to be our house. We shared thoughts, emotions, and ideas. We had a connection. We laughed together and cried together. He was my soul mate. I truly feel I will never find a love like his. Well, that all changed when 6 months ago he decided to move to a different country with a woman. He said we will always be friends and that he will always love me. He said he would email and let me know how he’s doing and keep in touch. I have heard from him once. So he obviously has moved on. How do I move on? I still love him so much. I still think about him daily. I miss him so much. #Loveofmylife



I truly believe evryone has a soulmate. This person can bring the best or the worst out in somebody. In my case, i am much older than mine. He is currently in prison where he's been for the past 9 yrs. Of course i have grown fought a lot of battles and beat some odds. My goal when he comes home is to havea foundation for him and see where it takes us. I could not give up on him because of our history. I must see where life will take us. This is my special someone that nobody can figure out why i cant let go.


My faces #Depression #Anxiety

I have many faces. I have my work face, the face my friends see, the face my parents see and my true face which only my partner has seen. Adam, you have seen me at my lowest when i didn’t think there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I know i’ve taken my shit out on you and for that i am truly sorry but you’ve stuck by my side and been so understanding. You’ve supported me and comforted me through some of the toughest things i’ve ever had to deal with and i could not have done it without you. I love you so much #Love #7years #soulmate