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Sisters Keeper Organization

I am in full support of this beautiful creation by a very Inspiring Queen I admire and believe in. Please click on the link for more information and know that you are contributing toward the health of an abundance of human lives in many ways. Thankyou and may your pathways be blessed, prosperous and peaceful! #lovelifelivelove #feedthoseinneed #emotionalrecovery #mentalawareness #behavioralhealth #optimisticcharacterdevelopment


Striving for mental help in the LGBTQ community

I’m a trans guy trying to make his way throughout life. From dealing with gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, rejection, borderline personality disorder all they way to what ever else comes along. See in my life such things like this were not discussed as often as I liked. For example, coming out as a lesbian at the age of 16 to my dad who blamed everything on the media and everything else he could think of because of my surroundings. 🤦🏻 then I came out As a trans November 2018. It has been very difficult to be around him because I feel so unwanted. My mom on the other hand and my wife and child have been my rock. I don’t know where I would be without themz see I cried when I came out. Honestly, I fought for so long and I was so unhappy to a point where I almost took my life a few times and was In The hospital. Thank god for my daughter being with me that day. I have support but not support from other trans friends and family. See this is super hard to find in and LGBTQ community. Mental health is so important. Everyone asks why it’s so scary to come out, well one of the things I mentioned was , rejection. After I came out to my dad at 16 it has not been the same. It’s more different now as a trans man. Also he wasn’t very I would say divers that much. Loan and behold guess what my wife’s ethnithicity is? By gosh though she’s sure beautiful. Anywho my point is, mental health should not be so damn hard to find or afford for the LGBTQ community. I want to make a difference. I want to educate and do anything else to help. So any advice would help or if you just want to talk let me know! Be proud of who you are. You are loved by me! If people can hate a completele stranger, I can love a complete stranger. Be blessed and stay strong! #mentalawareness #Depression


After Sex Thoughts... #Depression #Anxiety

I pray everyday I’ll be able to over come what he did to me. I pray for peace of mind. I pray I can be intimate with the man I love without feeling guilt and shame after. I pray I can be confident enough one day to know I’m worth more than my body and how well I can “fuck” someone. I pray I overcome who and what he made me.

I pray I see more in myself someday.

#Sex #RapeSurvivors #SexualAbuse #mentalawareness #praying