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I don’t have many friends and I’m really lonely I used to message my partner all the time and I guess became codependent would anyone be my friend?

Hi sorry I’m going through a tough time everything in life is wrong right now and I’m just trying to survive and start from zero again. Would anyone be ok being friends or checking in on each other from time to time ? DM Chat or comments ? Thank you if you don’t mind, I’m really struggling and need to reach out for help,

Gonna do my best to check out counselling if free or something I could afford as I’m unemployed and struggle to keep a job. Thank you for any kind words or anyone who doesn’t mind checking on each other everyone now and then. It would mean a lot during this hard time. Thank you everyone, and any help really means so much. #Selflove #Trying #Pain #inpain #Crisis #Tryinghard #hurt #anger #disappoinent #Unexpected #breakup #notcopingwell #ThankYou #lonely #friend #praying #hopeallworksout #ThankYou #reminders #Anxiety #Trying #future #Fear #Pain #Depression #help #self -help #needtobestrong #counselling #reachout #cheerup #DistractMe #needafriend

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#feelinglonely #praying

I have been battling in my mind the lash I received from someone I thought a friend. I am the one that should be Angry from the Hurtful toxic things they said to me without any regard for my feelings. #hurting
From my self assessment, I have been fighting toxic relationships my entire life. I just get so frustrated and tired of fighting them alone.
I miss the closeness I had with My Mom. She was the only one who really understood me and I don't understand why people always seem to Hurt me. I know I deserve happiness too but loosing hope I will ever have it


Fighting My Body Ranting and Raving #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicMigraines

#ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis I did something fun on the 15th and 16th. Out of town with a friend without my daughter, don’t remember the last time I did something fun without her (I’m okay with that though because I don’t get very much #spoons to spare. She’s number 1, the spoons go to her first) but yeah I did a thing even though I had been having some higher pain and higher CFS just two days prior. I had a good time it was hard though pushing through symptoms, it’s always hard, but it’s just extremely tough when your partaking in any activity outside of the norm. Anyway I was rudely greeted with a FLARE as to be expected CFS , Fibro, Depression, Anxiety all came to visit for a huge amped up party 🎉 , I missed three days of work and an entire weekend of life, type of party. It’s day 9 and pain is bad bad bad CFS has me in zombie mode. I’m trying to manage work (work from home still because of Covid) and I planned an activity to do with my daughter for this years unique Halloween (I typically avoid planning all together) . Now I’m stressing cause I’m still basically bed resting, unless I’m on my computer trying my very hardest to have a productive work day. Annnnd well my period is coming I flare bad prior to “her” arrival and I get the worst longer lasting migraines. Just praying 🙏🏼 this never ending symptom flare eases up and that my usual menstrual cycle induced symptom flares just choose to skip torturing me this month , they always wanna fight. I just want peace in my body just for once atleast for two days, so I can have fun with my daughter. Sighhh 😔 #praying


After Sex Thoughts... #Depression #Anxiety

I pray everyday I’ll be able to over come what he did to me. I pray for peace of mind. I pray I can be intimate with the man I love without feeling guilt and shame after. I pray I can be confident enough one day to know I’m worth more than my body and how well I can “fuck” someone. I pray I overcome who and what he made me.

I pray I see more in myself someday.

#Sex #RapeSurvivors #SexualAbuse #mentalawareness #praying

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Time to #meditate

Love this morning #devotional book about being a parent to a child with #SpecialNeeds. On the off chance that my cherubs sleep past the butt-crack of dawn, i love sitting with my coffee in the quiet and reading and #praying before my crazy day starts.


#pleasehelp #praying #talktome

I’ve been praying and begging for help today. I get no clear signs to stop. I’m open to hearing what God has to say, some words of encouragement. I keep praying and begging for help but I hear both. Why does evil get to win? I’m a faithful, thoughtful person and I’m being treated like a monster! Im not going to make it :(


medical forms for binder

In Clorinda's note in the newsletter, I like the idea of getting all the medical forms in a binder, plus costs of meds, etc.
Is there a safe legal place online to print off forms for POH DNR living wills etc Does my primary care doctor handle those I have no idea I'm married and we are supposed to be fixing our will but it has been months and I've not done a thing about it. Had a hard year but think this new med is going to work #praying
#52SmallThings #Depression #TreatmentresistantDepression #Finances


#Anxiety #Trying #praying #venting

Over the past two years my anxiety has increased , over the past couple of weeks following an event (break up) my anxiety is in overdrive as if I wasn’t already in a full on swinging battle everyday, the has now really begun to try and take over, night attacks times 100 and even more frequent “invisible” attacks at work ... I’m drained! Only us who battle this know how draining it is to FIGHT all day , ALL DAY , fight the thoughts , fight the moods , breath , and breath some more... Work a full 8 hrs (I miss lots of days at work but that’s a WHOLE other post) through pain both physically and emotionally, work through attack’s ,they come when they want and although when they come is NEVER convenient, sometimes it’s more inconvenient then others, like when I am trying to interview a claimant at work and all of a sudden my vision blurs , my stomach drops, I’m nauseous, I’m worried , feels like my blood in my body is on a sugar high, my thoughts become uncontrollable.... and you just feel like you gotta go, get out of there be anywhere else but there... and in actuality there’s nowhere , nowhere to go that will make it stop... (and no one around me at work, at the time, knows that I’m having ... “Hey Yvonne how are you ? Hey! IM GOOD, how are you?” Biggest and most frequent lie ever told) Sighh.... just sharing. I have been going somewhere though , lots of prayer and working on grounding myself , the use of healing crystals and teas. ALSO, forcing, like literally dragging myself out of my room to lay out in the daylight Saturday mornings , although, it’s from one bed to my makeshift picnic blanket bed outside, at least I’m outside and not in my cave. Thanks for reading my rant. Xo