I am grateful for heat in our home, food in our stomachs, a roof over our heads, etc., all the these material things. I don't take these things for granted. But most of all God has been giving me the chance to wake up each new day to choose to make it a good day. In all honesty I have been #depressed over a week with #tears #Hiding behind my eyelids. I struggle each morning to get up and get myself moving. #IBS , not keeping food down, running to the bathroom at 3 in the morning just making the sink and toilet. My body and mind seem out of sync.
I have been writing poems and #Feeling #numb #Insecure and beating myself up even
more because I can't figure out what #trigger (s) might have been the catalyst(s). All I have wanted and been able to do is the #bare #minimum . I know I have #sad . I have so much to be thankful for. My husband always gives me the space to work my way out of my mixed emotions. This is the way he deals with my #moods . We start out each day with warm hugs and kisses. He runs circles around me with cooking, cleaning, etc. I use to be able to do more because I had to. He worked out of state for 5 years. I took care of the house, our son...Then my body and mind really fell apart ike clock work from late November until Spring. I was blessed to have my parents nearby. They help me and my son when it got to be too much for me. I just want to be above all of this #Sadness . Should I #scream or #cry . Does anyone out there that understands #why ???