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Depression and White Woman Tears

The meme states, “When it’s inappropriate to cry because White Woman Tears, but your depression makes it impossible not to.” Below, a black woman stands by critically as a white woman cries with the conversation bubble above her saying, “For the love of god, just pretend like I’m not crying! Carry on legitimately telling me what I’ve done wrong! Shit, I’m f*cking this up.” #Mentalhealthmemes #MentalHealth #Depression

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Do you fight between needing to see people and social anxiety?

This is a choice I deal with A LOT. I love staying in, working on my art, and watching the latest series, but sometimes my partner’s company doesn’t cut it and those familiar feelings of loneliness start to creep in – the one’s that only go away with some additional human connection.

But social interactions take a lot out of me AND can make my anxiety spike depending on the circumstances.

If you had to make this choice right now, what would it be?

(I’d stay in because I have a busy weekend of socializing ahead!)

#MentalHealth #Mentalhealthmemes #Memes #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #PanicAttack #CheckInWithMe


We support each other through all kinds of anxiety. Don't go through it alone.
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