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Being dual diagnosed with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and co-morbid #bi -polar

Recently I was given a secondary diagnosis of #bi -polar 6 months ago.. I was mearly told it was #manicdepression which 4 months later was explained to me more.

As I sit here writing this, it perplexes me that so many individuals have #Co -morbid conditions that frankly they know nothing about.

I was so set in my recovery from my trauma and past I was positive I did not have anything else wrong.. ESP not chemically, until I realised the difference in the levels of mental illness we have..

For example; core content structure which enables your surface personality and structure. Think of it as a massive jaw breaker with load of layers, my #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is my core content and that has cause conditions like anxiety to arise or mania..

My question is, is there anyone else out there struggling with this dual diagnosis, I’ve been diagnosed with my #BPD for over 7 years now and I thought I was in remission.. how sourly wrong I was.

Finding the perfect happy medium between the two is giving me the fear.. and to be honest I need some like minded friends.

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I was scribbling in a groovy book called "Coloring the Seventies" and I colored this peace sign.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

— Jimi Hendrix,

Hendrix was posthumously dually diagnosed as a bipolar addict. #dualdiagnosis #Bipolar #Addiction #Depression #manicdepression #Mania #jimihendrix

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Just for Today I dont live with Bipolar. Today i get to say I THRIVE. Muggles wouldnt get it. Hope the Mighty Warriors do. so happy I might cry 🥹

This is the only place I can “brag” about being nr 1 at something( other than hospital visits )without feeling guilty….
The results of last fiscal year’s performance evaluation came out today. .
Guys, 2021 was the hardest year so far health wise . Manic episodes with pretty bad psychosis, hardcore depression... Struggled with eeeervything.
Put an end to my toxic relationship, pushed everyone away , isolated myself… Lost friends, Confidence, self love, … lost myself .Probably went to work for like 60% of the year .

Still, I didn’t give up. I made those 60% count. And they did. I work in tech and today …. Today i found out I ranked in 1st place in my business unit. Probably nothing special for my colleagues, but for me, after everything, feels like a miracle. …. Im so happy i might cry 🥹🥹🥹

Today I dont live with Bipolar.
Today I thrive with it. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Bipolar and proud

#TheMighty #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #MixedState #MixedMania #manicdepression #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #PTSD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Depression

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Appreciation post. From me to YOU

I just wrote this as a reply to a comment but I’ll repost it here. So you can see it too. It is my most sincere thank YOU.

I just joined Mighty, something I never even knew existed until last saturday. Ive spent the past couple of days going on and on and on about my life .. kinda like a cathartic series of monologues about pieces of me that ive hardly ever talked about before…all with strangers … humpf
as i read their stories, related to their doubts, learned from their experiences, i felt something taking over me … something i couldnt quite figure out at the time … ive been feeling so weird lately with so many mixed episodes that putting a label on it kinda felt pointless.

Now , after 3 days , it finally hit me…that unfamiliar “something” was actually me feeling Seen for the first time in a long time. Thanks to you here in this community …through your courage, your pain, your joy , your lessons, I saw myself. I saw myself as normal. Like you.
A group of strangers who inadvertently saved my life during what could have been a very sad ( and regretful ) weekend.
Im grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” #BipolarDisorder #Mania #BipolarDepression #MentalHealth #PTSD #MixedEpisodes #Anxiety #Depression #manicdepression

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Stopping triggers

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to stop or prevent triggers. I suffer from PTSD from my past abusive relationship and even though I left 7+ years ago I still have them, not as often as I used to but they are so severe still, I am left feel exhausted and emotional for days after and raising a family and working I don't have time for the debilitating feelings.
If I throw myself into work then I tend to end up on the manic side of things where I'll go, go, go and then fall into a depression.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
#PTSD #manicdepression #domesticviolencesurvivor

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Incapable of a Healthy/Sustinable Relationship

Does anyone else feel like their mental condition/illness/issue (whatever the hell you wish to call it) STILL gets in the way of them having a happy & healthy relationship?? I always used to say “I’ll never get married and I have no desire to…EVER!” (Because I really didn’t have that desire or to have children for that matter). Recently, I met this awesome guy that I feel might be “the one”. However, I’m still so petty and have SO many toxic traits!! Today, I delete all of our Marco Polo videos and almost (but didn’t) block the dude on FB because I felt like he didn’t respond to my text because he didn’t like my response (MY assumption). That alone makes me feel like I’m incapable of ever having a healthy and sustainable, long-lasting relationship. I literally wear peppermint socks the way I keep putting my foot in my mouth!!!! Ugh. I feel hopeless. I’m not alone though, right?!
#manicdepression #MDD #Anxiety #Bipolar #NSSI #hopeless #help #Depression #Trauma #hurt #stupid #Pointless #suicidal


Suggested reading for anyone with manic depression (bipolar

Please find a copy of Kay Redfield Jamison's An Unquiet Mind, A Memoir of Moods and Madness. Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have. #manicdepression

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New medication prescribed #manicdepression

My Psychiatrist has prescribed me new medication for manic depression and raised my Buspirone to 30 milligrams a day. I am scared of the new medication Lamotrigine. I did take it today it’s a mood stabilizer. Anyone on this? #StayStrong