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anyone can help and share their thoughts about this

Days ago i found something stranges in my private parts it was a little dot and dark like moles.i don't know what to do😥😥please help🙏🙏 #Moles in my vagina😥


Feeling guilty for being mad at doctors.

So everyone is going on and on about how fantastic doctors are right now and usually I agree. I clap for them on Thursday. My partner is a biomedical scientist for the NHS so I appreciate everyone who works there. Especially now. But today I am so bloody angry at them all. I realise they aren’t all awful but two in two days just makes me mad at them all!
First the dermatologist I was referred to doesn’t have my medical notes and before even seeing the suspicious mole, tells me it’s fine and I shouldn’t have seen a doctor. Says I “would know if it was cancerous”. And then says keep an eye on it but it getting bigger and suddenly having two colours isn’t a reason to see a doctor.

Then I ring the GP surgery today to get another tramadol prescription and to discuss contraception. First I face the Spanish Inquisition about the tramadol which I expected. He finally gives in and prescribed it (I’ve literally been having it for 3 years and just don’t have it on repeat because I don’t take it often enough). Then I move on to contraception which I didn’t anticipate as a problem. Instead of having the contraception injection I should have had two weeks ago, they put me on the pill due to the virus. I totally understood why they wanted me to try the pill so I agreed and they PROMISED that I could have the injection if, after two weeks, the pill wasn’t helping my pain levels (the injection does) or there was any side effects I didn’t like, they would just let me have the injection as extenuating circumstances. So it’s been two weeks and my pain is worse, as well as the pill is really affecting my mental health. It makes me feel like I haven’t taken my anti depressants, has me crying all the time about everything (happy and sad) and makes me suicidal. I had to be signed off work due to depression for a while last year and had CBT for it 6 months ago. Been on these antidepressants for nearly a year and was on others for 3 years prior. Doctor says he disagrees with the other doctor and that I should be on the pill until roughly July when they open back up properly. Said it was only for people who really need it and I don’t. Said to try paracetamol for the pain and that sometimes hormonal contraception makes you feel sad for a while. Are you kidding me?

So thanks to docs for all they do but my god are some of them awful at their jobs. Thank you for risking your life but could you not risk mine too?

Gonna go cry in bed worth my guilt.
#Doctor #dermatologist #GP #Depression #Ehlers -danlos #SuicidalThoughts #contraception #tramadol #Pain #Anxiety #Guilt #Cancer #Moles #NHS #cry


Suspicious Mole

So I “went” to the doctors about a suspicious mole. He consulted another doc after I sent a photo and then wanted yet another photo . He said they agreed it was best to send photos on to the dermatology dept. At the hospital. But said he didn’t know what the timeline would be as the Coronavirus is affecting hospitals etc so much. Anyone have any idea of the normal timeline for dermatology to get back to you about a mole? Or even wait times generally for dermatology? Thank you! #Moles #Skin #SkinCancer #Doctor #Hospital #NHS #Referrals #Anxiety #Insomnia #Advice #help

See full photo

Cancelled Appointments = More Anxiety 😕

Next week was supposed to be my dermatology appointment. But because of the coronavirus its cancelled until further notice😔. I have 2 concerning moles that make me nervous because they have changed from regular looking moles to raised and reddish. I also get a weird rash over my eye lid that at times have made it difficult to open my eye. I never used sun lotion regularly and have pale skin. This appointment was important to me because it would have meant knowing weather or not the moles are normal (or not) and ease my anxiety. Now I am even more anxious and I am also afraid they may have to cancel an up coming hysterectomy too which means very painful periods for even longer 😩
Anyway, even though the moles may or may not be normal, I am never again going to go out without sun block. So with summer coming soon, plz wear sun block. A scare can happen to anyone, skin cancer can happen to anyone and it can be prevented ☀️

#Anxiety #Depression #OtherMentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Endometriosis #HeathAnxiety #AtypicalMoles #Moles