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New Yers Eve #notlonely

What is everyone doing for New Years? Me I'm sitting alone watching a marathon of Cobra Kai. I'm alone but not lonely. Well if I'm honest I'm missing my puppy I had to rehome but it could be worse. I'm alone alot and I used be engulfed in terrible loneliness but I've grown and I like myself more. I'm finding my own internal happiness. With major depression as a diagnosis I did not think it was even possible to find such happiness. But here I am alone and I'm happy. Sure it would be nice to have someone to spend time with for the evening but it's not necessary. I guess for me what that means is finally I'm on a good set of medications as well as done some good hard work on loving myself. Just thought I would share because I was sitting here and suddenly I came to the realization and it was a surprise to me. Happy New New Year's Eve everyone! Wishing you all the best the new year! #growth #BipolarDisorder #NewYear

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PETS ADD LUV #Cats #Pets #Disabled #Mobilityissues #isolated #alone #notlonely

I am so very extremely grateful to have a cat. My cat, Gracie, is one of my GREATEST blessings. A necessity as far as I am concerned, especially since I live alone, with the chronic (continuous 24/7) pain of #Fibromyalgia , which has kept me basically homebound for past 15 yrs. Thanks to Gracie, I am not lonely (nor alone). #Blessed #thankful #Gratitude #grateful